Do you consider eggs as a healthy breakfast or are you concerned about high cholesterol?

Paulina Z.
I do consider eggs a healthy breakfast as they are a very good source of protein and as such can keep you fuller for longer reducing the chances of over eating later in the day
Norma O.
Eggs are a valuable source of protein. Yes high cholesterol must be taking into consideration, therefore you can just eat egg whites, which I can do better on.
Elizabeth C.
I don’t eat eggs much but I think they are healthy yes. I’m not a great eater, I have a eating disorder and in trying to recover from that, I tell myself, “eating healthy is great, but eating in general is the goal!”. So of course you should eat healthy because that’s a great goal. But what is your specific goal for eating? Mine is to eat in general. Yours might be to eat more, or to eat and not feel guilty, or it’s to eat and not obsess over the calories. Taking little and relaxing steps every day is easier and better than taking big and uneasy steps every day. I hope you get what I’m saying. Take care and keep reaching for your goals!