I used to eat eggs with cheese or bananas with apples as breakfast every morning. Do have any other recipes for breakfast?

Kate Q.
I sometimes have mango and cashews, mango in a bowl, cashews in their packet. Or I would have avocado on toast. Blueberries and a banana on porridge is good too
Aisha N.
Hi there! For quick breakfasts when I’m in a hurry I usually boil an egg, and grab a couple of almonds, a slice of cheddar cheese, and an apple. I also sometimes play around with breakfast smoothies (adding oats always makes it richer and more fulfilling) – mostly includes peanut butter, bananas, milk of choice, spinach (sometimes), vanilla extract, amongst other ingredients found in the fridge or pantry.
I Love Space N.
Overnight oats is a wonderful thing to prepare, because you can serve it with yoghurt and fruits, and it will be done by the time you wake up. With Oats you can do alot and even find recipies you like, even if you don't like oats themselfs. There is something for everybody, and it fills you very quickly.
D Ria Q.
I have two great recipes that I really enjoy! They are both to make porridge/oatmeal.
The first is: Banana and Peanut Butter Oats
Use 40 grams of oats, with 1/2 a cup of water…. for toppings, use 60 grams of sliced banana, and a tablespoon (22g) of peanut butter. It is super good!
My next recipe is very similar; Apple and Brown Sugar Oats.
Do the same steps as the first to prepare the oats (40g oats, 1/2 cup of water). Then for toppings, use an apple (amount varies, approximately 60 grams) and cook in the microwave. Then top with 8 grams of brown sugar!
Both recipes are really good, and rather quick and simple, too! They contain oats (an essential), as well as a serving of fruit, and a yummy treat on top!
Cameron J.
I suggest yogurt or kefir with granola (you can choose the flavour you prefere, for example chocolate), some fruit, and, if you like, a cup or coffee or tea.
Maria Z.
2 eggs, 2-3 sausages and some buttered bread is what I eat, my eggs are always sunny side up but that’s my preference ig 🙂
Herc Lia Q.
In this part of South East Asia, eating half boil eggs is normal. Having it with streaming pao (frozen in the fridge) is a great breakfast
Mathilde W.
If you like eggs then try a veggie omelette with cheese! Maybe a bagel? A lot of people like avocado toast, maybe you will too. Since you like fruit try a smoothie bowl! You can add granola, nuts, or fresh fruit on top for more nutrition!
Corentin E.
i LOVE a good cheese, tomato, and bacon sandwich! i will also often eat scrambled eggs with some toast and some fruit or simply a bagel with nutella or peanut butter or cheese.
Naja G.
Having an oatmeal with some chopped bananas along with macha tea is a breakfast that I love as the oatmeal and banana are rich in fibre, potassium, natural sugar and the macha tea is a good source of energy which does not cause a crash like that of a coffee
Annita U.
Grilled mushrooms with thyme and some avocado or bacon and toast. Smoothies with whatever you like. Overnight oats. Chia pudding
Jaylee W.
My go to’s have been oatmeal (add in protein powder! 😋) topped with Peanut Butter and a banana. Soooo filling and gives me energy to go throughout my morning!
Idalis Z.
I usually have a croissant with nutella, and a banana on the side. It’s not the healthiest, but it’s easy to make and it’s really good!
Jade N.
I like to make eggs and bacon with a bit of cheese, kinda like an omelette (that never looked like an omelette. But normally I just eat a protein bar from the Bar Counter
Sulene Q.
I eat white yoghurt with peaches, nuts and honey. And drink either large glass of water or black tea with honey and lemon.
Cec Lio O.
I typically like to eat a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich with a side of fruit. Another great alternative is a yogurt parfait with granola, strawberries, and honey.
Shafiyyah O.
I usually make an overnight oats. Try to make an overnight oats, you can put any sweets things you like ex. fruits and honey. You can eat it in the morning and tastes like a cake, enjoy!
Tristan U.
Let’s see normally for breakfasts I do something that high in protein and fibre so I’m full and able to function till lunch. I normally go for yoghurt, with a cereal of choice, some frozen fruit & a sweetener such as honey if needed. Or I do oatmeal (stovetop, instant, baked, overnight, oat flapjacks) with toppings, my favourite toppings are blueberries, caramelised apples, and biscoff. You could also do a smoothie bowl or a smoothie. Sometimes I make pancakes the night before and reheat in the mornings or I’ll make them and have them on the weekends when I’ve got more time. You could also make muffins or loaves (banana, matcha, apple, peach etc) and have a slice or two in the morning & possibly freeze the rest to strengthen the product life.
Ronja F.
An unusual but yummy breakfast is sweet scrambled eggs!
You just need to peel and cut a banana and fry it e.g. with coconut oil in a pan together with some cinnamon on medium heat.
While the banana is fried in the pan, beat 2 (or 3 when you're very hungry) eggs in a bowl, add cinnamon, flaxseed and some almond/oat/coconut milk for more creaminess and stir it all together.
When the banana is caramelized add the mixture to the pan and let it fry for a few minutes. Don't forget to stir!
When the scrambled eggs are ready, put them in a breakfast bowl and add toppings to your liking.
M Line A.
Eggs are a great way to go, sunny side on a piece of whole grain toast with some cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning, easy to make and really tasty!
Barb E.
I find that overnight oats are a staple that I find myself going back to every so often. It is an easy thing to create in the evening and leave it overnight in the fridge for a simple and quick breakfast. If you’re looking for more of a treat, banana oatmeal pancakes are also a favourite! Both of these breakfast recipes leave you fuller for longer and give you energy and that kickstart you need for a day.
If you are not into oats, try out the basic avocado on toast and pop a poached egg on there for something extra when you are feeling fancy. This meal is packed with some great nutrients and protein, and pair it with some grain bread or rye bread instead of white for a healthier option.
Francin Ia Q.
If u are looking for a light type of breakfast u should try eating apples and bananas, maybe add som oranges or blueberry’s as they help with antitoxins. Also try adding carbohydrates, 1 or 2 slices of bread help u throughout the day 🙂
Roger Y.
I love to do oatmeal with some bananas in it or a cinnamon apple rice cake with some peanut butter. Both fast great with a hot coffee! Or if I have a little more time I like to do a breakfast burrito with an egg, cheese, spinach, and some salsa. If I’m feeling extra fancy I will add bacon, avocado, and black beans. It’s absolutely delicious!
Deborah O.
In middle school when I had to be up early and get things done quickly I would do overnight oats. Adding some fruits or spices or honey was a good way to get new flavors easily