Is it best to exercise in the morning before breakfast or in the afternoon?

Eric Y.
I find it better to do it in the morning. It helps me focus more at work. However I do find motivation harder in the morning.
Alfred U.
So I’ve actually worked out every day this week early in the morning before breakfast. Of course, though, it works for me if I at least have an energy bar or a banana before I hit the gym just so I can have me a little bit of energy.

Working out in the mornings really sets the tone for my day. I’ve noticed, I’m more energetic and not as tired and lethargic throughout the day. I’m awake and alert because my mind AND body are both awake. My schedule only allows me to either work out early in the morning at 5am or in the evening at 6pm. I prefer mornings because I have all my energy.

Gregory T.
I think exercising after freshening first thing in the morning is best this will help in improving the blood circulation after a healthy sleep and leave you feeling energetic all day. This will also give you a sense of accomplishment making you procrastinate less and you will be guilt free , along with drink a proper amount of water.
Dustin E.
I feel like I’m the morning before breakfast is better. I know I have a tendency to use the “I don’t have time” excuse when I take too long eating breakfast or doom scrolling on my phone in the morning. Getting up, setting up the yoga mat or going on a walk, being intentional with that time is going to be *so* much more helpful than waiting around for the “perfect” time to exercise. I have to make a commitment to myself and focus inward.
Paige C.
A Morning exercise will be the best thing to do rather than in afternoon for making a fresh energetic lifestyle format but as per someone's comfort if one having a hectic schedule they can also do it in afternoon also. And A Morning exercise shouldn't need to be hardcore it can be done in basic stretching exercises as well,yoga and meditation.
L Dia Q.
Every body is different, so there isn't one right answer. Personally, I prefer working out in the morning because it gets my mind and body awake. It bring my heart rate up, it gives me time to process and be prepared for my day. It is important for me to eat something light, though, like a protein bar beforehand. Some days, I really need to destress. If I've had a mentally taxing day, doing a physical activity really helps me externalize everything.
Nixon W.
It is best to exercise in morning before breakfast as it makes feel light and fit which motivates and also it gives good results
Roque Y.
I prefer exercising in the afternoon and before the evening. I'm not a morning person so I dont really wake up with enough time to exercise before work