Can intermittent fasting be included in this habit? I’d eventually like to move to that habit of eating in a month or so and I know that my first meal of the day would likely be around 12-1pm.

Nathan Q.
Yeah. I believe intermittent fasting is a good habit. But dont push yoirself too hard. Justs eat healthy but not until fallen sick. All the best
Lilly O.
Perhaps eat earlier in the evening before so the fasting period stays the same and the first meal can be in the morning
Bertram Z.
I would say, start a day with water and tea. Then perhaps, wait to eat. If you have an early dinner, you are fasting into the evening and through the early morning. I do not like to eat breakfast immediately upon waking in the morning.
Nora Z.
Fasting isn’t really necessarily a way of life as it is a temporary diet option that many feel they benefit from. Starting your day with at least a light breakfast for energy to get through your morning is a better option as it helps train your body’s metabolism to wake up as soon as you do.
Marcus Z.
I think it's a question to the app development team because they need to provide an option to include fasting as part of The breakfast habit.
Sofia N.
I am a bariatric patient so eating healthy is very important to me. I eat eggs with a breakfast meat & shredded cheese for a protein packed start to my day.
Ida P.
Yes, fasting can be included. You can mark the habit done if you're fasting. And it's okay, take your time. And I'd suggest you eat in the morning after like 2 or 3 hours after waking up. A great breakfast in the morning has many wonderful habits. You'll be benefited throughout the day.
Eduartino P.
Hey there! Intermittent fasting can be great for the body and mind. The only thing I’d recommend is really doing a lot of research from many different studies and different health professionals before you begin. Learn everything you can and get super educated so that you have the knowledge on how to do it safely and the best for your unique body! Make sure not to skip out on getting really informed before hand and all should go great!! <3 good luck! 😀
Belis Rio Q.
I don't think it is a good idea to miss breakfast. I try to always have my breakfast between 6a.m and 8a.m. umm.. if you want to miss a meal maybe you could not eat dinner, but please do some proper research before making a decision.
Randy P.
Yes please,it can be included but you would miss breakfast which will leave you feeling weak but with time you'll get used to it. But whilst you're skipping breakfast be sure to stay hydrated through the means of water and unsweetened tea. It's a very good habits because it helps us give our bodies a break. So hey, go for it
Caroline B.
I don't see why not. Technically, your first meal of the day is considered breakfast, no matter the time. The only issue I see is that this is part of the morning routine and you plan on eating at noon.
Marius E.
Absolutely. That's exactly what I do
Murilo Q.
I have no interest in making my first meal be at noon or 1pm. The intermittent fasting I prefer is to not eat after dinner and practice that habit daily