If you don’t have access to healthy foods, how can you lose weight?

Hanna U.
By eating less or exercising more I would loose weight regardless of what I eat. It is all about calories in vs calories out, how many calories I consum vs. how many I burn. Eating healthy isn't enough to loose weight anyway, if you are eating for maintenance or overeating.
Corentin O.
I think you don’t necessarily have to have healthy food to loose weight. For example, you can exercise 5 minutes a day or drink a lot of water.
Ka S C.
Exercise is the way to reduce weight i.e 30 minutes exercise or 60 minutes being active will indeed reduce weight, improve your circulation
Geza O.
What do you mean by not having access? There is no oatmeal and milk being sold in your nearby supermarket? Because porridge is a healthy option for breakfast. It keeps you filled for quite a while. Snacking of fruits and nuts is also a healthy option, snacking helps you speed up your metabolism. Eat more often in lesser portions. But in my personal experience, it’s not really the diet, it’s the physical activity that makes you lose weight. And drinking sufficient amount of water. Healthy diet is good of course, but it’s burning those calories that’s more important. It’s just that you’ll have to burn more after a can of coke than after a cup of tea 🙂 Way way more…
Hans H F.
You can't. You can try and eat less but carbs and scientifically modified foods that are designed to encourage increased consumption make it impossible to try and use willpower to reduce caloric intake. Whole foods are where its at.
Vancl Ia Q.
Depending on what your definition of 'healthy food' is, but you can lose weight by eating 'unhealthy foods'. It doesn't really come down to what food you eat when you aim to lose weight. It comes down to a simple chemical reaction that occurs within your body. Everybody has a basal metaboic rate (BMR) that can be calculated. This will give you how much energy your body needs to operate on a normal basis. This can be seen like a reference point. If you consume only the needed BMR energy requirements you neither gain or lose weight. Eating a surplus of energy past the BMR tells your body to store the surplus somewhere in your body; hence gaining weight. Eating less than the BMR energy requirement causes a loss in weight. Healthy foods are definitely better for you since they are jam packed with high nutritional value, but if you do not have access to them then eat less and move more. Meaning exercise and watching your food intake. Count your calories, record what you eat, exercise daily, and consistently. In the future try to switch to healthier foods since they provide you with higher quality energy to fuel your body, but I mean it can be done with discipline, dedication, patience and hard work.
Angela B.
We often think we have no choice to eat healthy foods. They are too expensive, right? If you and you should, budget your expenses, then you have a budget for food and a place for medical care. You will be surprised how much your medical bills go down when you eat healthy consistently, especially should you have a chronic illness. Set aside the myths of organic healthy food being more expensive. It really isn’t. If you shop at a specialty store, of course it will be. But check out the Dollar General for cans of Tuna or just buy organic from a fruit stand. Can’t do your own gardening at home? Look at co-op as an option. And if you’re going on a trip, think and plan ahead and take your own food. You can buy fruit at most convenient food stores if you get in a pinch. Try to buy organic food. Wash your food before eating no matter if it’s prewashed and it is generally recognized by most medical associations now to avoid gluten. Try to avoid processed and preseasoned food. Rather than potato chips, try flaxseed rice crackers with your favorite hummus. Hummus is easy to make and delicious and you can add red roasted peppers or whatever you like. If you’re in a hurry you can grab some store bought for a healthy choice but making it is just as fast. Minimize unhealthy food. Nutrition is vital. Fill up on water 1st
Jeremiah Z.
Without access to healthy foods, it would be very difficult to lose weight. You'd need to cut your intake drastically and go hungry instead of filling up with healthy foods. That would 1) make it easier to give up and binge eat, 2) not give you a healthy body, and 3) it would do nothing for your energy levels and overall wellbeing.
Onofre Q.
I would first address the issue of having access to healthy foods. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about health and feeling good about yourself. It’s also good to realise that buying seasonal fruit and veg can be relatively cheap. Just my two cents.
Claudia U.
I think that portion control is a very healthy habit to develop. Look at calories and try to limit your intake if needed. Additionally, there are plenty of healthy and inexpensive foods that are easy to obtain.
Alberte C.
Intermittent fasting has helped me but when I was younger and prior to Thyroid Cancer, Eating six small meals a day kept weight off. Not adding sugar. Exercise. Quality sleep. Keeping stress down.
Sebasti O Q.
The easiest way to lose weight is getting rid of all the sugary soft drinks you consume every day. Drink something else that taste as good as your favourite soda but without the huge amount of sugar. Drink lemon water or any infused water. Try cucumber, blueberries or raspberries. If it still too blend in the beginning then try adding a small amount of honey and reduce the amount of it every week ubtil you don't need any.
Hector O.
When I don’t have access to healthy food, I just watch my portion sizes. But If you go over the portion size just a little, you can always exercise a little longer. It’s all about balance.
Doris T.
I’ve been successful in losing some pounds just cutting sugar out of my diet especially soda. Not adding white sugar. Not eating desserts or candy. I would start there while you figure out how to access healthier foods.
Harper W.
Lots of exercise regularly, and you have to get all of your nutrients from good sources. Try eating salads more often(if you don’t have access to foods like salads you should try to find some way to get your food from places that make healthier food) you can also cook for yourself to make sure you are getting the healthy amounts of nutrients you need. Don’t cut out any food groups, don’t skip any meals, and at most lose only one or two pounds a week.
Irena U.
Less of those foods will also work. So, portion size control.

But there's nearly always a healthy option nearby. E.g. McDonald's has a Caesar salad that comes out at ~200kcal

Ngelo C.
Try to avoid simple carbohydrates and added sugar, which will put you on a glucose roller-coaster. Fatty foods are better for staying full than sugary or white flour foods. Eat very slowly, maybe talking or doing something else while you take a bite here and there. Look at your whole life. Is there enough enjoyment? Do you have fun hobbies? Good friends? Sometimes we’re hungry for better overall physical and spiritual health, but don’t realize it.
Christian F.
Sometime’s you’re body need’s a shock to develop. It shouldn’t have to get to that. But that is the bottom line to fitness.
Betty E.
Managing portion size is one way to support weight loss. Yes, some foods nourish the body more effectively than others, but weight loss involves a pretty simple formula: calories in must be less than number of calories body uses. Reading labels on food can be eye opening, especially serving size. Cookies-a serving is 1 or 2, not 10. For many dishes, a serving is only 1/2 cup. So, read the label and follow the calorie count and serving size given.
Another aid in weight loss is exercise. It helps you burn more calories, resist cravings, feel happier. I
t doesn't matter what you do, just find ways to move every day. Finally, getting enough sleep is very important for weight loss. A nutritionist told me that if your body is tired, your brain will amp up sugar cravings because sugar is a quick form of energy.
Sereno Z.
There is never any such thing as 'no access to healthy foods'. Produce is always available and it is MY JOB to go out and fetch them for me. Better to snack on fruits than chips.
Asta E.
I think you must make the best of the bad choices, and pay attention keeping your calorie count low and fiber count as high as possible.
Then exercise.
Ida X.
As long as you have a calorie deficit you will lose weight. Junk foods won't make you feel good though so you should try and eat some natural whole foods.
Carl P.
This is difficult to answer without knowing what foods you have access to. Weight loss is based on calories. If the daily quantity is right, one should lose weight, however, if one does not get proper nutrients, it will be more difficult or impossible. The best solution is to make the healthiest choices possible within an appropriate calorie range. Part of the equation is avoidance of excessive salt, sugar, trans fats, preservatives, and empty calorie foods.
Lina T.
Just find what you can… if you're short for cash, lots of grocery stores (especially specialty ones) have staff discounts or give away out of date products to staff members. You could get a job at one of these places and earn some extra cash, while getting cheaper/free healthy food. Another idea is to keep the seeds from produce you buy. Dry then out and then sprinkle them in your garden, not all of them will grow, but some will 😀
Finally in so far as losing weight, try to incorporate active things into your life. For instance, switching to public transport gives you more time walking (or running) than you ordinarily would have if you drove. If you are grocery shopping or going for coffee nearby take your bicycle. If you don't have a basket, cable tie a milk crate to your handlebars.
Sibylla F.
Reduce your portion size wherever possible and eat until your 80% full. There’s a delay from gut to brain to let your mind know that you’re full. When we eat until we actually feel full, it’s likely you’ve overeaten! Make sure you bring your exercise activity up a notch to compensate for the bigger calorie intake.
Lina Y.
That depends on the situation. In addition to eating healthy, exercise is important, and the quantity of food eaten. Eating less, getting exercise, and making the healthiest choices possible. What food is available? Are canned fruits and veggies an option? What about starting a garden? Or is frozen food available? Fruits and veggies are healthy canned or frozen as long as it's just the food itself — not packed in sweetener or with added fats.
Lucille S.
Change your lifestyle in order to get healthy food. This is a prerequisite you can do all the exercise in the world but without healthy food it's wasted effort. It's like working at a high paying job to pay for your drug habits. Not sustainable.
Pauline P.
There are lots of healthy foods that are inexpensive or that can be found anywhere. Like porridge, a banana, some chicken, potatoes and greens. Keep it simple. No need for avocado everything.
Belarmino E.
What is your definition of "healthy" food?? You can order whole grains, beans, and legumes online. You can grow your own fruit and vegetables. That is a terrific start to a healthful way of eating.
Dulce Q.
Without healthy food available, I can monitor the amount of food I eat in a day. I will do this to make sure I do not over eat.
Jana Na E.
Try to make the best out of the food you can eat and choose the right quantities of each ingredient. Also, drink loads of water every day (really important). You can excersise as well and try not to skip meals
Lisa F.
Sstart with portion control eating half the portion of food you typically would and wait 20 minutes for your brain to tell you you're full.

Also, within your current budget identify easy changes to swap chips for a piece of fruit, lean protein instead of sugary oatmeal in the morning, etc.

Louane Y.
Keto was my answer,there are other ways too,not all is about food,is about the lifestyle and day to day routine,the body is designed for work,when you don't force your body to work in a healthy way the balance is lost and you start having extra fats and health problems,here are other options and choices-ayurveda,yoga,pilates,fitness, intermittent fasting and many,many more.