Since organisation is good for your life, what you have to do to have it?

Donald G.
Being organized requires a couple things. One is time. It’s easy to become unorganized when you’re constantly rushing out the door thinking: “I’ll do it later!” This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are procrastinating, but if you don’t have enough time to stay organized it’s not going to work. The next is being able to stick to your routine. Being organized isn’t just about having all your clothes neatly folded in the dryer, it’s also about having everything together. Once you’re able to stick to your routine everything else will come together. Good luck!
Horst X.
I don't really know. I am not organized. My time happens around me right now. Usually everything I should be taking on as a responsibility, I run away from instead. Stress overwhelms me and I just do a few things that I commit to doing and everything is on its own. It happens or it doesn't.
Jonas G.
I must put aside time to clear my mind from any other thoughts so I can be completely focused. Once I am completely focused I can organize and be my best self.
Stephanie F.
To be organized, to me, means everything has a place. Lists, calendars, cabinets, boxes, shelves; anything that can help make life easier to keep track of.
Ainhoa Q.
Stop and think. This is a real challenge for me, as I struggle with ADD. One way I break it down is by writing a goal on a piece of paper. Picking ONE goal lol.

"Organizing the house" is too big. "Organizing my schedule" is too big. But "put the mudroom in order" is good. "Set up a morning routine" is good.

Then, I break down those little goals into even tinier steps. For the mudroom, my list might look like this:
Get kid toys out of mudroom
Buy shoe rack
Hang coats up as soon as we come in

Stuff like that.

Schedules are a little trickier, so first I list all the things I need to do. Then i put them in order.

In the morning, I wake up, make breakfast, pack lunch, wake the kids, help them get ready for school, load the car (make a list of everything that needs to go in the car!) …

Stuff like that.

Of course, things never go quite that smoothly all the time, but by breaking Big things into little goals, then breaking little goals into smaller tasks, you can learn to be organized.

You just keep adding more goals after you win the old ones, and pretty soon your Big things get done, too

Silo Q.
1. Write things down
2. Make schedules and deadlines
3. Don’t procrastinate
4. Give everything a home
5. Declutter regularly
6. Keep only what you need
7. Know where to discard items
8. Stay away from bargains
9. Delegate responsibilities
10. Work hard
11. More resources on better organization
Liva Z.
I like to plan my week ahead and check in every night to see how I am doing, it feels so good to stick off the to-do list and see on paper how I am making my goals reality.
Valerie Y.
A certain amount of energy. If I am really overworked and tired, even organise myself is too much effort. Although in those times I would need it most.
Bullet journaling is very helpful, but also needs some energy and commitment.
Rebecca F.
I make sure I’m organised by writing a to do list before I go to bed, I wake up at the same time every day to get into a routine and try to go to bed at the same time every night. I try to organise as much as I can in advance like meal prep, clothing And my tasks for the day. I also use my morning routine and my nighttime routine to make sure that I complete important things first thing in the morning or just before bed.
Sinor C.
I think the secret to becoming organized is your mindset. Tell yourself you are an organized person. Tell yourself you like having everything tidy and in order. If you fight the negative thinking of “I’m such a disorganized undisciplined person and changing seems impossible,” with positive affirmations, it will be easier to establish organized habits!
Theresa J.
You need discipline – motivation is good but not enough. At the end of the day, you need to recognize that even if you don’t feel like doing something now in order to keep order, in the long run it will be worth it. Ultimately, consistency is important and with that comes habit. After that, being organized comes easily.
Slawomir I.
I ensure that I keep a schedule with me at all times so I know where myself and my family need to be. Have regular sort outs of my paperwork etc and try to keep on top of all household chores
Esmirna F.
I've created small habits to complete every day in both my morning and evening routine. For example, my evening routine consists of tiding and cleaning my bedroom and bathroom for 10 minutes every evening. Sometimes I'm at a loss for something to do in those rooms, so I'll go to my kiddo's room and help out in there or take the time to teach her organization of personal space. In addition, my morning routine has five minutes for reorganizing the restroom in case I left toothpaste tubes or towels where they are not supposed to be. Or maybe my kiddo's didn't quite get their clothes in the hamper. Or maybe the toilet or mirror could use a quick cleaning. Also, I have added "check my to-do list", "check my personal finances", and "write my to-do" in both my morning and evening routines. This helps me keep my to-do list and finances organized. In addition, I've created a "Morning Work Routine" and "Afternoon work routine." Both of these routines include tidying up and cleaning my cubicle for 10 minutes. This helps me keep my work space organized.

Also, I have a command center in my home. There is a mail holder where mail goes until I sort it. I have a hanging file holder on the wall with a folder for "take action", "file", "coupons", and "shred". Once per week I go through these folders and add the take action to my to-do list, file what needs to be filed in my filing cabinet, shred what needs to be shredded, and see what coupons need to be thrown out or used. In addition, there is a monthly calendar with our family schedules, hooks for hats, umbrella, keys, and purses. A chalk board with a white chalkboard marker so everyone can write down needed items for when we do shopping.

I also use a bullet journal to keep my lists, like my Master List or Meal Planning List (basically a list of meals my family likes) or Hobby List (so I don't have to think about what I want to do during my well deserved "me time."

Tara A.
Keep going, determination keeps you on a stable schedule!! Don’t give up, don’t slack off either. Don’t let others pull you from your organized life💗
Renato Q.
Depend on what you need to organize, but for me, my head organization is most important. I write down everything whenever my head gets busy. And with your belongings, I think simplifying is the best. Simplify. Dont try to organize too much. Ask yourself how can I make this simple? On everything that seems messy.
Chad E.
You need to have just one well prioritized to-do list, as soon as some new task emerges, you write it down on that list instead of trying to memorize it.
Selma F.
Well I use all kinds of things. From checklists to setting alarms on my phone. But most importantly is that you stick to your own routine. Try to eat around the same time every day. Go to bed around the same time and make routine for everything you do. It sounds difficult at the beginning but after one week it will be a habit.
Jenny S.
You need to make time for yourself to become organised. Take some time each day to map out what needs to be organised. It's so much easier on life if your organised.
Magret S.
I'm not really understanding this question but if your asking how I use organization, or do I keep organized, something like that. Then with me I keep to scheduling my days. Because if I don't then I find myself sleeping too much or doing absolutely nothing. I'm a list person, I'm a bit OCD, I hope this helps alot. I also use CBT and DBT therapy.
Gwendolyn O.
Schedule regular payments for bills so you don't miss any. Review what you've got coming once a week. At work I use Covey's time management matrix to get the right work done. Also reminders on your phone!
Ben P.
I learned how to make the most of my calendar, checklist and notes apps to manage my time and days as best as I can.

I try to keep a consistent schedule with mindfulness to allow me to give myself an opportunity to reflect on my day and inner state.

Budgeting is another big one – it offers me a possibility to sit down and think about my plans and how much I will need for those. That on its own part plays a big in role knowing what's up and coming and leaves you prepared.

And last but not least, I make sure to keep track of my daily habits such as tidying up, showering and reading. Activities which let me have some time off and peace throughout my busy schedule.

As a university student with a 9-6 office job staying organised has never been more difficult and frustrating. Despite that, I never allow myself to get frustrated if I lose control over everything which I have planned. Keeping this in mind seriously helps with actually staying on track and not giving up on organisation.

Tess P.
I have to have a journal to write in. Keeping track of habits on paper helps me stay on track because I am an "out of sight, out of mind" person. If I have a colorful journal page that I see every day, I am more likely to want to fill in the check boxes for my new habit.
Lorenzo T.
You can do anything really. Whether it is eating breakfast in the morning, or simply keeping yourself occupied. Organization is basically just having full control of your life and good decisions.
Rosa F.
Start with a list of goals. Then make a list of small steps you need to make to get to each one. Then look at what needs to be done on a daily basis to accomplish those small steps. Each one of these becomes a checklist.
Rosa X.
Organization is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I think I’ve broken it down into two pieces:

1. Little steps = big life changes. I used to put so much energy into trying to Change my habits all at once and I would always fail and get frustrated. Following Fabulous Journeys break it down to such simple steps and in such slow increments that doesn’t feel like a task to “become” organized, you just are organized.

2. Not “when”, now. I keep telling myself “I’ll do that when…” and usually when never comes. Do it now. You’ll hate doing it in the moment, but you feel great when it’s done.

Ol Via A.
I don’t have organization in my life yet but I am glad you asked. I think I need to determine what it is I need and how to prioritize that among the rest of the clutter that goes along with life
Tracey E.
To organie you have to plan. What items will you address first. Prioritise and avoid distractions. Focus on the task and complete it. If you want to take a break try a minute of breathing and then return. Reward yourself for accomplishing successfully
Annie T.
I have two planners- my Passion Planner is my life (my goals, dreams, habits, food plan, gratitude list, lessons learned, and my reminders of how awesome I am) and my Kikki.k is my day to day (to do lists and daily schedules). One is the macro plan of my life, the other is my micro focus on the day.
Amber E.
Seriously consider what you need in your life, and make concrete plans to organise it. Break it down into chunks. If a plan doesn’t work, modify it until it does.
Lison Q.
Let it go. Be honest with yourself and let things go. Like Marie Kondo, does it spark joy? You have to let go of things that no longer support your life and LET THINGS GO. And invest time in organizing whatever remains. You can do it with honesty about what truly has meaning, and donate what no longer serves you and could help others.