I’m allergic to eggs and not so suited for dairy. I stay away from soy as I’m already estrogen dominant. What is the best way for me to get easy-to-make proteins for breakfast without overdosing on meat? Thank you :)

Lidia I.
There are many other ways to get proteins and not only from meat. If you research you will gind that oats, chia seeds, quinoa and many more grains, legumes and vegetables have plentiful protein. This way you don't have to overdose in meat.

Patricia N.
On the sweet side, you could make yourself a protein smoothie using protein powder that is to your liking. If you're not suited for dairy, perhaps you can try a plant protein powder, as most protein powders are usually made from whey protein, which comes from cow's milk. If you prefer a more savoury breakfast, a great alternative would be bone broth. It is high in protein and collagen, and if you make it yourself it is far more affordable than any collagen powder you can purchase in stores.

Mia Y.
I'm sorry I don't know. Maybe try putting in Google, breakfasts without eggs, dairy and soy 🙂 sorry I couldn't be of much help

Bonnie P.
Unless you want to implement dietary supplements with vegetal protein (hemp, peas etc.) In to your breakfast, you can only try fish, since you cannot use the 4 most common source of protein (eggs, meat, diary products and soy).
There is only fish left and legumes… but I think that beans for breakfast coul be a bit too much to stand.

Frederik X.
I'm a vegetarian so I know all about not using meat :). I would recommend using meat alternatives such as Morningstar brand, beans, and even nuts would be a great way to get protein!

Joshua W.
You should try something new like smoothies or eat protein bars or eating fruit with egos waffle 🧇 or chocolate chip candy and drinking water with lemon or detox or eat yogurt with granola or have strawberries, blackberry, blueberries, kiwi 🥝, mangos 🥭, pears 🍐, bananas 🍌, sun flowers seeds, or banana chips, almond nuts ,walnut, green 🍏 or red apples 🍎.or oranges 🍊,pineapple 🍍, watermelon 🍉, cantaloupe 🍈 ,

Greg Ria A.
The best ways could be having a yummy Greek yogurt with some nuts and fruit of your choice! Quick and delicious protein meal

Ty O.
I eat the same breakfast everyday because I know that it's lean, high protein and, just the right amount of carbs and calories for the day… But it gets repetitive and boring.
How can I make a new breakfast that is both lean and high protein?

Luke J.
I personally make a sheet pan full of bacon on the weekend and pick at it through the week. Depends on how healthy you are trying to be. We got our bacon directly from a butcher so we were able to control how much salt and stuff went into our bacon. So I would say bacon wraps or sandwiches are an easy way to start the morning and it avoids egg, dairy and soy.