Can cereal be a great breakfast?

Minnie O.
It can be a good breakfast when it is mainly based on protein byitturns bad when it contains high amounts of sugar and fats
Ling Y.
But cereal can be a great breakfast for those who like aren't that hungry in the morning so they just want to like eat a little bit so that they might not go hungry during the day while waiting for lunch or there other meals or for like students who maybe like are in a rush to go to school cuz they're like late and don't have time to like wait for the egg to finish boiling or their toes to be toasted so it could be a great breakfast also healthy if you eat it in the right amount and maybe like eat it with like a banana or an apple
Raingames M.
Not by itself. Cereal isn't really filling and even for low appetite it doesn't do much. Also one has to be careful because if a cereal is just sugar and lacks fiber and other materials need for it be filling then it's almost like you didn't eat it. I usually have raisin bran cereal that is whole wheat and raisin with a banana and or maybe a boiled egg. A good cereal is a Greta start to a great breakfast.
Adam U.
It can be a good breakfast if it's a good cereal, but if it's unhealthy and not delicious then i would rather eat something else
Lena Q.
It can be, depending on your goals. Nutritional needs vary a lot based on your body, your amount of activities and even the type of activities. Cereal can provide you with quick and also complex carbs (depending which type of cereal) but however I would maybe add some protein to it.
Christoffer N.
Of course it depends. You can buy healthy cereal and maybe even add some nuts and seeds. And try aswell to find one with low sugar.
Lyam O.
Only if it is low in carbs and sugars and all artificial flavours. Also lot of chemicals in igredients section scares me. Cereal is usually my last option for breakfast, for either I am running late or just lazy. Muslie I think is a better option. and moreover self cooked hot breakfast is the best everyday.
Angelica I.
Yes, why not? Remember to see the nutritional value and to combine the cereal with great food good for your body and to sustain your day. Overall DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF.
Ava E.
Most if the time no, but oatmeal and less sugary cereal is okay. Sugar cereal is a good treat every once in a while. Most of the time a good nutritious breakfast is more like fruit and smoothies. Hope this helps😊☀️
Praise R.
Yes it can. If you are rushing but you want to eat, sure. But ensure to top it off with a some berries and nuts. Or take a fruit in place of cereal
Kaisley Z.
probably not the best choice..the best option for a quick and healthy breakfast is a protein bar that has lots of nuts for nutrients, avocado toast with tomatoes and basil or an egg, sometimes u can whip up a nice smoothie! u can also find more healthy cereals like wheat grain or regular rice krispies! hope this helps! have fun on ur fabulous self care adventure!!✨😘