What do you do when you’re in a rush in the morning?

Janet E.
It depends. Even in a rush, I think it's still important to do things like drink a glass of water, or eat something for breakfast. It's just that priorities change. For instance, instead of a full breakfast a quick slice of toast or an apple may have to do. If I'm in a rush, I prioritize what absolutely must be done first, then use any time I've gained to work on other things.
Nora O.
Before I installed Fabulous I would procrastinate and be in a denial. But now I have more energy to do those things and rush to do them.
Elvira Z.
I was in the Army for 15 years and a nurse on top of that. My military training taught me that haste makes waste. This means the more you’re in a hurry, the more time you waste. It’s not worth your safety and the stress you put on yourself. So you make a choice to let someone know you’re running late, take a deep breath and continue to do what you need to