Any good ideas for fast easy eggs ?

Erica P.
We like to eat our eggs from a cast iron skillet, onions, green peppers and a little sprinkle of quesadilla cheese. It melts really well.

Christoffer U.
Boiled eggs are great for on the go. Just prepare them the night before or while your getting ready. Perfect with salt and pepper

Alex F.
I crack a couple eggs into a small microwave safe casserole dish, whisk them up with salt pepper and whatever else I feel like, then I microwave them in intervals of 15-30 seconds until cooked through. (or I just throw them in for 90 seconds and they're a bit overdone but still edible)

Laurie W.
I take 2 eggs scramble them with a little hemilayan sea salt and pepper once they are cooked I add a tablespoon of salsa very good

Cody Z.
Scramble them with salt and a splash of milk the night before. When you wake up just throw them in a pan with a tspn of oil. Let the bottoms cook a lil bit then roll your spatula across the bottom of the pan. Do that till cooked. All in all it shouldnt take you any longer than 3 minutes to cook them.

Brandon O.
If you want eggs that are super easy and fast and can be pulled out of the fridge at any moment, definitely boil them! Go to Google and search “Serious Eats Perfect Boiled Eggs” to help you out.

Raina C.
Scramble a bunch of eggs onto a sheet pan and bake them, then cut them up into squares – you can put them on breakfast sandwiches and refrigerate or freeze them! Alternatively, you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave, but they get a tad rubbery. Good luck!! Keep up the good work 😃

Daniel P.
What I like to do is turn the stove on with my pan on medium heat and leave it there for a minute or two while I prepare something else in the kitchen. Then I will take two eggs and crack them directly into the pan, apply a little seasoning and scramble them right in the pan. Right before the eggs are done I sprinkle a little bit of cheese and turn the heat off. I have two scrambled eggs with cheese done in under three minutes. It’s a great quick breakfast.

Marion U.
Scrambled eggs are easy and fast. Boiled eggs I think are the easiest if you use Novellas timings. Only takes a little effort. Although slightly longer than scrambled I think it's less time consuming as you leave it alone mostly.

Adjani O.
Hard boiled egg: 8-10 min.
Soft boiled egg: 3-4 min.
Demi-boiled egg: 5-6 min.
Scrambled egg: add a teaspoon sugar per egg.
Add Italian species (or other), scramble all together, put it on an oiled/ buttered frying pan. Untill the egg(s) turn into a honeycoloured egg. Done!

Fabien Z.
Boil them, peeled them, and pack them in either ziploc bags or a small container in pairs; if you want sprinkle some salt (I use garlic salt). They'll be ready in the fridge, Just grab and go.

Amber Y.
Fastest eggs is meal prepping things like egg muffins or hard boiled eggs. To me, Hard boiled eggs are quickest as far as meal prepping goes.

Ryan F.
if you mix in a bowl 1 egg, some milk and some pepper and put it in the microwave on a high power setting for 30 seconds then poke holes using a fork then put the bowl back in the microwave for another 30 seconds you have scrambled eggs in a microwave (you can top with whatever you want!)

Baptiste C.
A fast way to cook eggs, is by prepping from the night before, whether that be beating them and putting away in a container for scrambled eggs, boiled egg – boil from night before them warm up for 2 to 3 mins before eatting. If you prefer an omelet then chop all veggies and meat from night before.

Lauren C.
Put eggs in water. Boil it and once water has reached boiling then let sit for the minutes and immediately throw in cold water