Is there some forbidden combination of food?

Emilie E.
Quite a lot actually. Just take two types of foods that usually dont go together and eat them in front of your mom/grandma. Their reaction will then be the answer.
My example: ajvar and chocolate.
L O Z.
Yes there is.i knew a combination for food once but forgot🤔but with liquids,we r not supposed to drink limejuice right after we drank milk.
Rosie P.
As far as i know many foods are ok to be eaten together but some combinations can cause food poisoning such as eating melon and honey together. Drinking water with food is also not a good idea ,it damages many parts of your body .
Victoria Q.
A CARBO W A CARBO, i live in a country where if we're not eat rice then it's not a proper meal so sometimes it's just so hard to not add a rice when i eat instant noodles
Na L T.
I eat eggs, I love my vegetables and fruits. I have a hard time staying away from bread, and sweets. I would love more recipes. I love to cook and meal prep.
Nicklas E.
Sugar and carbos in general make me feel less light and not really that energetic. I have to control the amount of coffee I consume because just as a daily routine can become an imput for future anxiety crisis. A cup now and then as a small life pleasure and to share with friends is fine as well as other kinds of food. I try to keep my everyday diet healthy and balance and when there are special moments and to share with friends I can also enjoy the not that healthy ones. Alcohol should also be control even in special occasions keeping limited other wise it just takes out a person that has not control of itself in any situation wich makes the moments not fun at all. Special care of food inputs should be taken in particular in overstressed moments and critical hormonal periods having always healthy snack options for anxiety cravings will help me to keep energetic and feel good. Thank you for allowing times of reflection.
Aubrey N.
Yes, they say to not eat meat if you have eaten snake guard that day, it is poisonous! I don't know the reason or science behind it but I don't preferably do it.
Hunter U.
I don't think there is. Yes, there are foods that taste bad together but sometimes you're just not used to the taste or maybe they just don't fit well.
Just like people, if you put two together they might just not get along.
Teresa Q.
Only the one that hurts you. If your body rejects it because you’re full or because it’s not appropriate for you, then that’s a forbidden combination. Also alcohol, even by the taste it feels like it shouldn’t be in our body.
Semra U.
I can't tell if this is a joke. If it is, then yes food is forbidden. If it's not, then no. The only forbidden foods are ones you don't like.
Mechtild Z.
I can't eat when I first wake up. It makes my stomach hurt, and it makes me uneasy. Instead, I have to wait at least an hour before I start eating. There really is no "forbidden" food. Everything makes my stomach hurt. On school days, I usually wait 3 hours and 40 minutes before I eat anything. (That's how long my classes take.) But it's fine since I like eating with my cousin and sister
Zelmira Q.
I'm sure there is. For example, sweet and sour or sweet and salty isn't a good combination for one's health. It tastes really good, but not worth it I the long run.
Jennie Z.
Im not sure about "forbidden" but i guess there are weird ones which are considered forbidden i guess. Like dipping fries into an ice cream or mixing chilli sauce with ice cream. You know, all the weird stuffs. And parents' prob will be like "dont do that" or something like. Y'all get what i mean. But well listen to your parents' cuz it is weird. I guess there are some forbidden combinations which can maybe cause stomach pain? But i don't know what. But im pretty sure there are. Well stay healthy guys
Chiara Q.
I think no, I eat whatever I want and its Ok , but I woul recommend healthy food combining with unhealthy if you want to eat junk food
Danny S.
Avoid combining foods that don't sit well in your stomach together. Good digestion is a key step to a healthy, happy body. When your body is happy and healthy then you can enjoy your day and challenge yourself with confidence.
When we feel sick we tend to focus on that throughout the day. If we are already focused on feeling bad, we will naturally ignore the good surrounding us. Set yourself up for success and fill your body with food that makes you happy!