How do you keep breakfast costs down?

Martha G.
I plan my meals out due to my allergy concerns. Since I drink water first thing in the morning I follow up with other liquids but try not to fill up on them. I prefer healthy teas like green or pearl jasmine or coffee without additions. I also eat my fiber in the morning with my meds. My meds require a stricter plan so I do protein and fruit. To keep costs low I freeze some breakfasts I made in advance (egg cups or stuff for smoothies) this way I have multiple options and I’m not getting bored eating the same thing over and over. Buying fruit and veg frozen is less than buying it fresh or canned. Buying eggs from a farmers market (if available) means you can negotiate for larger quantities for less price then at the store. For vegans or vegetarians buying grains in bulk for cruelty free oatmeal’s is a good option too.
Lorenzo Q.
Eat at home. Grocery shop weekly for produce. Buy certain dry items in bulk
Silvia A.
I stick to simple foods like a slice of bread, an egg, some cheese, olives and fruits. No charcuterie or packaged items.
Stanley T.
Go for simple ingredients that you can buy in bulk. Like nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Opt for Quark & cottage cheese rather than yoghurt. Keep a bag of frozen fruits in the freezer. Look out for sales bargains on these items to restock
Ir F.
To keep breakfast costs down I eat oatmeal and fruit. I don't drink any juice. Sometimes I have coffee but I always make it myself
Melanie Z.
Define what will you eat for breakfast all week (if you can plan longer then even better). That way when you'll go buy you'll buy in bulk, best way to keep costs down is to plan things ahead. Check the ingredients that will make a super good cheap breakfast, if banana gets expensive on winter go for another choice and so on. Then should check the costs everytime and go to other shops to compare how much would've been, once you find the cheapest shop you are done.
Mareike F.
Buy oatmeal in bulk and add fruit or brown sugar to your tastes. Also a loaf of bread can be very versatile making things like french toast or even a breakfast sandwich (ham & egg breakfast sandwich as an example). Clip coupons for bacon and buy your fruits on sale based on the weekly circulars.
Elisa U.
By using the most out of what you already have in the house. Dont be afraid of different flavor combinations or trying new recipes!
Jamie T.
I buy Multigrain bread from Costco, 2 rolls for 6.99. I sliced them into 16 pcs (43 cents) and stored in the freezer for longer storage. And toast it in the oven for 375F 8 mins before serving.

Most of the time I use cream cheese on the top. In the weekend I will switch to scramble egg, avocado slices or banana with peanut butter jelly.

Julio I.
Eggs are an excellent source of protein and can be made with many healthy ingredients. What's also great is eggs can be made sooo many ways.
Valdemira F.
I don’t buy all breakfast alternatives at the same time .. for a week i buy eggs other week i have some musli .. the week after youghurt .. and i dont consume all the eggs on that week .. i always have plenty of alternatives .. some in the freezer and some in the fridge 😉 hope my answer was helpful for you
Sara E.
Keep breakfast simple with eggs, meat, and cheese. Keep a small stock of protein powder just for those days you think you might lose your mind eating the same thibs everyday. Protein shakes count as breakfast. Sometimes I make chia seed and coconut flake "oat" meal just for something different. Weekends or your days off are time to experiment with new recipes from Pinterest
Claudia F.
Buy oatmeal and toppings in bulk. Make a batch of oatmeal at the beginning of the week, enabling you to put one serving a day in the microwave for a quick reheat.
Diane E.
Breakfast can be one of the cheapest meals. I usually have bread with peanut butter or another inexpensive form of protein. Sometimes I “splurge” on avocados, but only when it’s their season. Eggs are another great choice since they are so high in protein and yet so inexpensive.
Gunther S.
I keep my breakfast cost down by measuring the food I usually eat at the morning and buying the things that will make my breakfast full and healthy, while the cost isn't that high. I stop getting breakfast from outside, like muffins etc, and I wake up 10-15 mins earlier to make my own. Usually, I take my breakfast with some juice and a boiled egg at the end, to keep me energised and full till launch time comes.
Adelmo N.
I shop once a week, and plan my breakfast for that week. Eg. Hard boiled eggs, and toasted bread. Or a cereal box for 1 person for the week, and a box of milk. I try to keep my breakfasts simple.
Kelly Y.
Things like oatmeal or grits with fruit are cheap and include fiber, protein, and slow burning carbs. This way you stay full for hours.
Enola W.
I keep the cost down by making sure:
1. I make use is what I have in my house- finishing up my instant steel cut oaks. I will add frozen fruit to it( the fruit keeps well in the freezer, so I can keep fruit longer).
2. I add a vitamin supplement to it so it keeps me full longer.
3. Having more breakfast options ahead of time (pre-boiling eggs).
Franca Q.
I tend to buy in bulk, like buying a tub of yogurt, rather than individual cups or a canister of oats. I also buy fresh strawberries (which I cut) and blueberries when they are in season and then freeze them so they last longer and are easy to put on oatmeal, yogurt, or cereal.
Sara X.
I go to Winco. Plus use coupons and ads in the local paper.
Mirco E.
Buy things with a longer shelf life, like oats or cereals. Porridge is great. It fills you up and there are a million ways to serve it.
Sofia Q.
I usually make my own breakfast at home. Sometimes I do that in the evening and sometimes in the morning. I use lunch leftovers or I mix Greek jogurt and sardines or whatever and make a sandwich with that. It is just a few extra minutes for healthier and cheeper breakfast.
Caterina Q.
Make sure to buy good for you breakfasts and have them on hand so you don’t have to buy a bar in a convenice store which are marked up a lot.