What is a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast I can eat on the go?

Jociano Q.
I try to eat protein and a fruit. Whole grain wrap with eggs and a slice of avocado is easy to grab and run. No mayo, instead of dash of salsa for some zing. And a banana is always my go to quick snack.
Vit Lio Z.
Try making egg cups in muffin / cupcake tins – you can bulk prep ahead of time and then grab in the mornings. Preheat your oven to 180c/350f. Grease a muffin tin. Scramble 6 eggs, add your choice of filling and seasoning, pour into muffin tin, them pop in the oven for 15 – 20 mins. My favourite fillings are spinach, tomato and feta but you could do corn, ham, broccoli, capsicum (bell pepper) mushroom – the options are endless.
Sushi Y.
Well what I eat sometimes in the morning I have overnight oats, I make them and put them in the fridge overnight. And in the morning I have a healthy breakfast!
Michael X.
On the go indicates lack of time but need of energy. I suggest a banana for energy as that is a great source of energy but also healthy. A boiled egg is also healthy for protein but maybe a bit messy to eat so you could eat unsalted nuts or a protein bar without too much sugar. A celery takes no prep and gives you fibre.
Wilma P.
A banana is very quick and will keep you feeling full longer than say an apple. Maybe plan the night before and make egg bites with spinach and broccoli so theres no prep, just heat and eat. Or with a little extra time a smoothie is always good for on the go
Joselina E.
My go to is usually wheat bread with peanut butter and banana. I know it sounds weird, but honestly it’s delicious! You get your protein, fiber & potassium all in one meal.
Alyce N.
Oatmeal with fruits or just a fruit bowl if in a rush just a plain fruit like a banana recently it’s just been green tea and water with a pack of cucumbers or carrots for the evening
Mirko S.
On the go:
1 Bread with egg o ham.
2 Oat, almonds,walnuts, with dehidrated fruits and greek yogurt or almond milk.
3 Or a couple of fruits on the go like banana, apple, orangine, peach.

But if not on the go, it could be egss, in the morning is awesome, also tortilla cooked and on the top avocado and a protein also delicious and healthy

Lidwina F.
I think oats will be best.
Also you can have some brown breads but please do avoid white breads. You can add some fruits ,juices, boiled eggs,honey water, boiled corns ,cornflakes,a glass of milk and so on.
Piotr Z.
Whip up a smoothie. Throw in a cup of milk of your choice, a banana, two tablespoons of peanut butter, berries if you have any, some protein powder and you're set!
Lyn C.
-Large apple with a tbsp of peanut butter.
-Eggs with ot without bacon. Maybe add some tomato.
-Oatmeal with berries added…I haven't tried this one yet.
-When I am running late I grab a Pure -Protein bar to eat in the car.
Ingra T.
I always eat scrambled eggs and some fruit. Any breakfast that has both low calorie protein and some natural sugar is good. Nuts are always a really good option and then any fruit works as well. It really depends on what you do and dont like. Just make sure its good protein and natural sugar.
Vera O.
SMOOTHIES!!! I usually throw in some frozen mango and berries and then I use cashew or almond milk and sometimes some protein powder and honey then blend it up and you’re good to go!
Louanne E.
Granola bars are perfect in the morning when you’re on the go. They come in all different flavors, and some of them are sort of healthy, with nuts and grains, honey, and other healthy but filling ingredients. Not only that, but granola bars are easy to grab out of a box and put it in your pocket when you’re running out the door. Don’t forget to eat it though!