What’s your favourite breakfast on the go?

Mateja N.
I like to have a banana or some oats. Maybe even some butter with cheese. It's always nice to make food and prepare it instead of ordering fast food. There are way more choices and you can truly feed your body and nurture it.
Darren C.
When I dont have tíme to make breakfast ať home, I usually g to Yeme (high quality super market) Near my work and grab a home made bread with tuna spread or hummus to go
Miroslav N.
Min favorittfrokost er sjokoladegrøt med kaffesmak. Grøten toppes med blåbær-/bjørnebærsyltetøy, peanøttsmør, nøtter/frø og proteinvaniljesaus. NAM.
Anne Marie F.
I like to make a batch of overnight oats on Sunday night. I can usually make 4 bowls at once so that's 4 days of breakfast. Then the 5th day might be cereal with berries.
Nolan Y.
I like eating pancakes but it’s unhealthy so now what I like to eat is either cream cheese sandwich OR a banana for breakfast. I love them because they are healthy and though most of my bananas aren’t ripe, I am fine with it.
Andre F.
Actually My favourite breakfast is scrambled egg but I can't eat that always because of healthy advices about how much do I eat egg.
Xyga Y.
1. Eggs, made into an omelette with mushrooms & cherry tomatoes.
2. Avocado Toast with eggs, chilli flakes and spinach.