What should I drink in the morning?

Alberte P.
Water. It helps to wake you up it’s also good to get a head start on the 8oz that you should be drinking for the day and everyday.
Julio Z.
Start with something fresh and healthy avoid coffee or tea in the morning instead you can drink water, lemon water with some honey in it its really healthy and has many benefits. You can drink olive oil empty stomach it's really healthy.
Alberte F.
I've heard lemon water in the morning is good for your liver or something. I've read different articles that say that may or may not be true. It might be worth a try for a few mornings to see how you feel. If you don't have lemons, I think any citrus or even apple cider vinegar with water works too.
Eus Bio P.
You should drink water every morning. It helps to hydrate your body and get you off to a good start. It's also important to continue to drink it throughout the day.
Ritthy W.
First of all you should drink water when you wake up . It will keep your body fresh and healthy . Without water our body is like a dry tree . We must need water . We should drink 7 to 8 glassof water daily .
Cleonice Q.
I should drink water and juice in the morning, or a smoothie. Water is very good for you and fruit juice or a smoothie has ur daily cup of fruits.
Sherlie T.
Water is the best thing to drink first in the morning. Your body has spent all night not getting any water and is very thirsty, even if you don't notice it! 🙂
Albertina E.
You should drink water. A good, refreshing, long drink. You don’t have to push yourself to drink an entire glass. You can start with whatever feels comfortable. Maybe you feel nauseous in the morning. Maybe start with something as close to water as you get without making yourself sick. Then, you can slowly introduce more water. Maybe start a sweetened hot or iced tea, then start watering it down, taking out the sugar. If you start drinking something in morning, you’re headed into the right direction. If you start going from good to better to best, that’s real progress. Nothing can hydrate you like water can. When I drink water in the morning, I am accomplishing two things. I announce to myself I’m ready to be awake, and I’m announcing that I will take care of myself first, no matter what. That’s important to me, because I’m a mom. And I have to put the oxygen mask on myself first, before helping others with theirs.
Kate N.
That depends on you and how your body is feeling in the moment! I was a huge coffee drinker but I’m trying alternatives because I suspect caffeine worsens panic attacks. I find a tall glass of refrigerated water wakes me up, although I do a sharply minty tea when it’s cold. Another fun option is water with fruit slices in it. I love eating the fruit. Maybe you really need to start the day with some calories and a smoothie or fruit juice is best for you. Or milk, maybe even chocolate milk 🙂 Personally I find less sweet drinks help enhance the flavor of my breakfast, but I think think most important is that you pick something that you enjoy. Take your morning drink as a moment for yourself to enjoy your senses and appreciate something that makes you happy :).
Denise S.
For me, water. Calorie free, drank just as i get out of bed and kick starts my metabolism. Caffeine free, no 'comedown' or energy drop later in the day, not bad for your teeth and isn't a diuretic like tea or coffee.
Alexis Marie N.
Start your day with water. You can have a small glass of juice. Also have that cup of coffee or tea as well. Make sure you’re hydrated to start your day .
Jesse W.
Waters the best option! But sometimes cordial's a tasty an easy way to rehydrate too.
Juice is always good or even a smoothie or a protein shake
Charlie G.
Water is the best option. Put a bottle or glass next to your bed and have some before you go to sleep. This will condition your brain and will make it easier to remember to have some in the morning. O have been doing it, and I have discovered that I am generally in a better mood for the whole day.
Lynne F.
First thing to drink each morning should be room temperature water. Drink at least 8 oz to get your day started off right. You'll be so proud of yourself for starting your day off the right way.
Thalia Z.
Water is best but i get that it can be tough to drink first thing in the am. I typically do tea, coffee is a diuretic (?) It basically absorbs water from your body so not a good thing to drink in the am. Juice is okay lotta sugar though. So water first and tea second. My fav is a bag of green and a bag of peppermint clear, no sugar or cream.
Angelique W.
Water because it hydrates you from the 8 hours of rest and it helps you get your body moving. Of course, Fab tells us to keep a water next to our beds to start our day
Felipe U.
Even though is difficult to drink water, is a big challenge but even though we fail it makes us better and yes we are not perfect but practice makes better. Keep in mind is a journey make it fun
Myrtle T.
I tend to drink water when I first get up then some tea or coffee I dont use sugar because I dont want to crash I use stevia for my tea and just creamer in my coffee