What do you think about low-sugar peanut butter for breakfast?

Noah C.
It surprises me that there is sugar in the peanutsbutter. In the Netherlands there is no sugar in it? It contains only 85% peanuts and the rest are plant’oils. And I like it on my bread.

Marolo P.
UsI don’t do peanut butter. Peanuts or a legume other than a knot. Most peanut products have fungus on them I think. Do almond butter and that’s a good breakfast start or macadamia nut butter or oatmeal with walnuts ge use

Susie E.
I guess it’s ok because the peanut butter can be longer lasting, however I’m more of a snack person when using peanut butter.

Genesis C.
Theres really only two things I eat for breakfast. Granola and yogurt or peanut butter on toast. I never really think about the sugar content. I think buying organic peanut butter is the best way to go. For the morning I know it's okay for me to eat high fat or sugar cause I burn it off as I have a very active job. So I tend to try consume a relatively high amount t if good fat.

Wieslaw Q.
Love it! I usually buy the natural brand stuff that just says peanuts in the ingredient list. Add to half a banana or peace of wheat toast.

William U.
I like peanut butter, but I rarely eat it. The reason for that is the unpopularity of it in my country. In my opinion toast with peanut butter and jam is more like a snack or dessert, but not breakfast.

Alyssia Z.
I don't like peanut butter so I can't say it sounds good to me but if I did it would be nice on toast with some bananas.

Tracy C.
I think that's great. But this makes me question what is low sugar vs high sugar when it comes to peanut butter. I need to remember now to buy a scale to see how much I'm actually using when I eat peanut butter.

Amelia J.
Peanutbutter is a good source of protein and therefore great choice for breakfast. It also has a low GI index especially if it’s low sugar.

Micheal S.
I enjoy it. I often put it in my morning smoothie which I generally consider my breakfast. Gives me a little something sweet but it’s not throwing my blood sugar off whack either

Wesley S.
I think that’s an excellent idea and I should probably look for some of that rather than my typical peanut butter. Of course I would make sure that they’re not replacing the sugar with something weird that you don’t want. However peanut butter is pretty high in fat (even if it is a good kind of fat) so if you’re watching that kind of thing you may want to consider another protein source.

Isab U E.
I only ever eat peanut butter that only has two ingredients: peanuts and salt. Eating jiffy or skippy PB always makes me feel bloated and gross.

Barry Z.
My son has nuts allergies and we dont buy nuts at all.
I prefer an omlette or vegetables. Although I likes sweet taste in general I prefer not in the mornings.

Armindo C.
That’s a great idea!! The protein will last longer in your system and give you more energy than a carb and you won’t get the “crash” that often occurs shortly after having sugar.

Brandon E.
I think it's great because it's quite filling and has protein in it. I'm vegan so I have to take protein from wherever I can get 🙂

Maureen T.
I would try to go for a ‘natural’ one without a massive list of nasty ingredients. Low-sugar means they might make up for the sugar in other weird ways. It also depends what you put it with. Yummy!

Jeppe G.
Eat full fat peanut butter for the right effects. Not too much but 1 tbsps is enough for all the right ingredients for the body

Evel Sio P.
I find natural nut butters better than anything with hydrogenated oil or added sugar. Peanut however tends to be a little too pasty for my liking. If you go with peanut butter, try a smoother version without hydrogenated oils

Nikolaj P.
I say go for it. It's pretty healthy, contains protein and a number of other vitamins and minerals, and with low sugar it sounds like an all round winner! 🙂

Joy U.
Sure, why not eat low sugar peanut butter for breakfast. It has a lot of proteins. Some people can't eat peanut butter, so of course they shouldn't. I like eating peanut butter on toast with a banana sliced on top. I have to use glutenfree toast, now. Before I found out I had to be glutenfree, I loved oatmeal bread with seeds and nuts mixed in.

Heidi O.
I love the idea of low sugar peanut butter as I used to have it on rice cakes with apple slices and your question has inspired me to try this breakfast option again! 😁

Aim E O.
Honestly I really don't like nut butter and my doctor advised me to stay away from it because of allergies that I have. However I would still use a when I'm making shakes and less sugar is better

Marceau O.
It’s a great way to have some protein and make your breakfast tastier.

There are some incredible recipes online containing peanut butter and oats (peanut butter overnight oats).

Overall it’s just so delicious and simple! Even when rushing out there’s always enough time to make a toastie, put some peanut butter and head out quickly.

Marion B.
I think it's a great idea. It still gives you benefits from the peanuts, but has less sugar, which is also better for you.

Amelia Z.
I like it. I keep a jar of Natural Jif in my car. I am on the move more often than not. I eat it with celery, apples, pears, G free crackers or pretzels, or a spoon. Avoid the fake sugars though.

Edna Z.
I don’t eat fat free or low sugar foods unless I like them better than the regular version. (Which happens very infrequently!)
Rather, I eat what I want but use serving guidelines and common sense. I also strive to eat a healthy variety of foods.
I want to enjoy what I eat-I wouldn’t enjoy low sugar or fat free foods.
Hope that helps!

Sonja F.
I mean…when I hear the words “low sugar”, I assume it means it has fake sweetners, but as long as it’s just a “no sugar added” situation, I say go for it!

Ju Ara Q.
I prefer my peanut butter with no sugar. You have to kind of scavenge and read ingredient labels, but tastes just as good and is better for you!

Dwight F.
I don't think low sugar peanut butter is a bad option for breaskfast. However, I would definitely have to have something else to go with it. Just some peanut butter would not be very filling and would leave me extremely hungry all day. I would pair it with some rice cakes topped with some fruit or nuts, or with some oatmeal and yogurt topped with fruit.

Gustav Z.
Due to cultural reasons, where I live peanut butter is very rare for breakfast. Thus I only have it very rarely, focusing more on coo meals, considering the tropical heat.

Astrid X.
I think is a great idea to include peanut better in a morning meal.

Examples of how to include it, are: In a banana smoothie with protein, you add cinnamon and peanut butter, with water or milk. A TIP for the smoothie is to put peeled bananas in a ziplock bag inside the freezer, your smoothie will not need ice anymore.
An organic rice cake with peanut butter, chia seeds, and banana slices or the fruit of your preference (I usually have 2 of this),
The famous peanut butter and jelly sandwich, always toasting the bread before hand and try not to use white bread.

Eve Z.
I eat Laura Scudder peanut butter, which has 2 ingredients: peanuts and salt. I usually put it on Ezekiel sprouted wheat bread. It makes a good quick breakfast that keeps me satisfied through the morning

Cl Vis Q.
Well, personally I don’t like peanut butter, but I think it’s pretty healthy to eat it every morning, with fruit for example.

Allexia Q.
Just peanut butter for breakfast? Doesn’t sound that great. Also too much peanut butter sometimes causes me to break out with acne so I eat it minimally.

Joselaine C.
I’d enjoy peanut butter. I’ve been eating a hard boiled egg in the morning for protein, but I should see how much peanut butter that would equal.

Noe F.
I’ve never had it before, but I would be willing to try it. It’s probably good to be more conscious of how much sugar I’m consuming.

Simon Z.
I believe NO-sugar peanut butter is best. Also, for awhile I was adding a bit of powdered peanut butter to my oatmeal thinking less fat would be healthier for me, but the fat, (good fat) keeps you full longer.

Andy P.
I like peanut butter on toast for breakfast but I’m not sure if it’s too high in calories or if a different breakfast is a better choice

Dianne W.
Low-sugar products often contain unhealthy substitues. It's better to go for a product with 100% peanuts for ingredients (I've managed to find such one).

Aubrey Z.
I think it is a healthy option. But don’t just go for low sugar, try making it pure nuts with as little additions as possible. The taste is just as good, and the only difference is oil floating up in pure peanut butter. But having to stir it before you spread is not at all bad, a mini exercise. Also try to use whole wheat bread for the fibers!

Willie T.
I use it as part of my breakfast, around 20g. It complements my oatmeal perfectly, adding some healthy fats. I also add some kind of fruit.

Laura N.
I always have nuts with breakfast and peanut butter is a tasty source of protein – as long as no-one around has a nut allergy

Vicki P.
Even if the peanut butter is low sugar.. it would still have to go on bread, which is high carb. So I feel like if you're having this kind of thing for breakfast, why bother with lower sugar? Not to mention the combination of protein and carbs in one meal slows down your digestive system.

Crist V O Q.
Peanut butter is a great source of protein and with it being low sugar, it’s healthier than normal peanut butter. Maybe you can have it with apple slices or on toast with banana slices on it.

Samuel P.
I usually do a protein shake for breakfast on my workout days and then Greek vanilla yogurt with KIND vanilla granola with blueberries on opposite days. I haven't really tried Peanut butter but you could add it to a bagel thin.

Seth C.
I’m no nutritionist but sounds like a great option for adding more protein and healthy fat to your breakfast! You could also try unsweetened/natural peanut butter and then add a little bit of honey or jam

Amelia F.
I’m good with it, but I haven’t tried it for a long time. I don’t need a lot of sugar in the morning. My issue is actually eating breakfast in general, and if I could plan my grocery list better, I’d definitely try low sugar peanut butter.

Allie Z.
I will never buy peanut butter that is marketed this way. I only buy peanut butter that has one ingredient: peanuts.
By nature, this is "low sugar" but products advertised has "low sugar" have fillers and additives.

Olivia U.
The problem with all peanut butter is that it's high in saturated fats, however I think in small quantities it's okay and along side with other foods. Higher protein and higher fibre foods are better for breakfast.

Sofia P.
I love peanut butter for breakfast. I have no thoughts about low sugar or not. The natural peanut butter is too labor intensive otherwise I’d use it only and not skippy or jif

Caterina F.
I personally don't eat peanut butter because of its oil and other contents. I even eat peanut and other nuts possibly not roasted and without salt.

Hans Uwe Y.
Yes, please! I only buy nut butters with indgedients of: nuts, salt. Add it to my yogurt, or powder in my protein smoothie or on top of banana!

Sel Sio C.
Rather than a store bought Peanut butter make one at home which is free of all sugar and artificial colors or preservatives. If you want mild sweetness, you can just add some honey while making it.

Hans W.
I love nut butters but if you don’t look for a nut butter that is just made of nuts than you are adding sugars and oils you probably don’t need and won’t miss

Rosemere Q.
I think it’s a great idea! I eat low sugar hazelnut butter for breakfast on lightly warmed bread and milk. ( Eat any fruit beforehand ) . It is so so good.

Andrea E.
I would choose almond butter instead, or even butter from cashews, hazelnuts or something similar. I stay away from peanuts in my diet, based on something I red a few years ago.

Curt E.
Personally I only ever use no sugar peanut butter. If you can find one that is just nut that's the best. You can make your own nut butter if you have a blender. Just add a little oil to get things started.

Frida Z.
I'm a big fan of peanut butter for protein and healthy fat, and think it's a great option to help fuel yourself in the morning. You can also try almond butter.

La Ssa O.
Its a great way to get energy and good fats early in the morning! If in a rush you can eat 1 banana and a spoonful of peanut butter and that should be enough to sustain you through the morning

Laurine T.
I think it is better than a normal one with normal quantity of sugar, because the low-sugar one will still have all the proteins peanut butter could provide you

Nina P.
As long as the overall calories aren't too strained by the addition of peanut butter. Its fats and protein and it's easy…there are some questions about peanut butter being good for you…but as long as you keep the amounts minimal..1 TBSP…it should be fine. I found PB or almond butter the best pre-workout snack…easy on the stomach..lots of energy…and you don't have to think too hard.

Abbie J.
Sounds great! If it were me I'd want something with it like carrots or apples, but I'm general it's good protein and healthy fats, and a great way to fuel yourself up for a productive day.

Claudine P.
I have to be in the right mood to eat peanut butter and only eat it occasionally. I know I won’t feel like eating it first thing in the morning