What kind of breakfast food do you eat?

Ella F.
I like making sandwiches. I cut a fresh baken breadbun in two halfs and put on the sandwich whateve I have at home. Wheter its paprika or bacon. I love to try new things. But it always depends on what we have at home. Sometimes, I dont put much on my sandwich, but some other times its so much, I barely can eat it all! But its always delicious and Im always feeling great while preparing and eating it!! 🙂
Amy O.
Hi 👋
I love a healthy granola or cereal with some almond milk or yoghurt. I also like porridge as you can experiment with with flavours- try 1/2 tbsp peanut butter with 1 tsp jam and some chopped strawberries to garnish- pb & j porridge!! Occasionally I will also have a smoothie or will bake some healthy muffins or oats. You can find loads of healthy recipes on Pinterest and online. Hope this helped and good luck cooking!! 🤩
Silvia T.
On working days, I have a cup of herbal tea and some porridge, but on my days off I take a little more time to make something else like eggs of guacamole.
Kathryn F.
I buy Natures Path oatmeal cups (maple pecan) for on the go. But if I have time to make something I heat up two Vegan Beyond Breakfast Sausage patties and vegan blueberry bagel with vegan cream cheese. Some days I switch it up and have a vegan Crescent with vegan cream cheese.
Collette E.
Eggs on toast with avo or omelette with mushroom, capsicum, onion, silverbeet and cheese or blueberry almond flour waffles with plain yogurt and fruit.
Mariah Z.
I usually have two to three duck eggs with a glass of water and sometimes milk. I don't really like the whites, so I just cook the popped yellows. Hope this was helpful and have a great day!
Silvia G.
I am vegan, so I eat oatmeal with bananas and soy milk for sweet breakfasts and avocado and beans toast or chickpea omelettes for savoury ones.
Emma Z.
Boiled or scrambled eggs without fats, one or two kinds of veges, low salt and fat cheese, oats with yougort mixed with honey and nuts and sometimes fruits
An Sia Q.
Normally I would eat cereal, some basic not too sugary honey bunches and oats cereal. But sometimes if I'm awake early enough I'll make a simple turkey and cheese sandwich.
Kurt T.
Mostly bread or some kind of yogurt. I’ve been struggling with being able to eat in the morning, but due to the tracking of my healthy habits its been going a lot easier👍🏻 Everyday it feels easier and easier and hopefully it will become a habit on its own someday😁