What are some healthy and easy breakfast options that you like and/or recommend?

Logan N.
Nuts or fruit are always a good quick breakfast, with water or coffee. Eggs, oatmeal, or a smoothie bowl are good options. I like bagels as well.
N A.
Recently, I have started eating egg and semolina for breakfast. I had an intuition that it would work out for me. And it did. Prior to this I had Paratha with egg each morning and it would make me feel so heavy and sleepy right after breakfast. So, I changed the menu.
Herminia F.
I love berries/fruit with Greek yoghurt and granola or mixed seeds (and honey if you prefer it sweeter), a mango, berries with bran flakes, soft boiled eggs with marmite toast soldiers, or crushed avocado with chilli flakes and lime on ryvita crackers. For a weekend avocado on toast with a poached egg, poached egg with courgette fritters and minty yoghurt/tzatziki, or shakshuka.
Leonardo J.
Usually i drink a homemade capuccino and just that, because i don't feel very hungry when i wake up, but it gets me energy enough to wait 3 hours to eat again. But i think that eat some fruit, or just a banana is good, because it gives you a constant energy for your day.
Louis E.
I really like overnight oats because it's so easy to prepare and you can prepare it the night before so you can just get up and eat in the morning without a lot of work. I also love eggs in the morning. I just toss in whatever herbs and spices i got and, boom, perfect breakfast.
Max Z.
I like eggs but I'm not a big fan of boiled eggs…which seems to be the healthiest..so I fry it and make an egg sandwich. It gets me through the morning.
Shelby E.
In the mornings I sometimes grab a fruit like an apple or banana. If I have a little more time in the morning before going to school I might make an egg or toast with avocado. Even if it is something small I always attempt to eat something in the morning.
Uaira P.
I love Dave’s killer bagels they have protein and whole grain in them. Typically I’ll eat half of a bagel and a black bean sausage patty (you can make easy or buy). I’ve also been loving yogurt with frozen fruit, bananas and hemp/chia seeds. Both options are super filling and keep me going through the day. I’m a preschool teacher so my job is very high energy these breakfasts are tried and true they keep me going from five to one until I get my lunch.
Stanley Z.
I think cereals are very good. What I think IS sometimes tastier, is mixing cereals with yogurt instead of milk. It is also vety tasty to create your own cereal. You Can mix coconut, with porridge, with some nuts and honey and then fry it all on a pan and store it in a box, so it is easy to prepare in the morning, because it is pre-prepared.
Ellie W.
Fruit. Oat yoghurt. Granola. Flax seed. And anything super yummy and healthy that you have in the cupboard to add to the mix.

Two fried eggs on whole meal toast with tomatoes and avocado with lemon juice.

Decaf coffee with chocolate covered rice cakes.

Eileen Q.
A healthy breakfast consists of complex carbs that do not spike up your level of sugar. Then, a healthy fat like avocado, seeds or almond butter to make you feel full. Additionally, one may add some protein to again lower his hunger throughout the day. My preferred breakfast is a green smoothie with coconut water, full fat coconut milk or avocado, some mango or strawberry and a cup of matcha green tea. Or, I love to make a whole grain avocado toast with linen seeds and curry-fried chickpeas.
Mathieu W.
Egg- honey – cheese and walnut- some fruit – omelet – date fruit with milk – date fruit with egg that is like omelet but have date fruit not glum,…
Dwayne O.
When I'm in a rush I usually have a protein shake or Plenny Shake which contains all needed nutrients. I also like scrambled eggs with ham for breakfast, oatmeal with yogurt or boiled eggs with tomato and cucumber.
Hugo Z.
Eggs, small salad, and turkey bacon. Overnight oatmeal is also an easy option – I add protein powder in order to get a good amount of protein in the morning.
Aubri E.
I have many things to suggest since I know many people don’t want to eat the same things I’ve and over again! Try eating a paleo bar. They are breakfast bars with nuts fruit and high protein and other vitamins. Another option is buying some fresh fruit try eating some plums and peaches. Even veggies and wonderful and refreshing. Maybe eat some carrot sticks and baby tomatoes. I even like to throw together a nice smoothie when I have time all it needs is ice, fruit and/or veggies, and water or milk! Of course if your on the run, grab a bowl of grapefruit you peeled and put in the fridge the night before!
Joshua W.
You can eat oatmeal or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yogurt with granola With fruit or have a smoothie that you like drink or buy a bullet that you can have any fruit you have in that drink that you like to drink. Or eat steak and eggs with rice or meat
Nina Z.
One of my favorite breakfast is poke bowls. I would love to make them with some salmon, but I think it's kind of expensive in my city. So normally I like to make the rice and boil an egg (sometimes two depending on the routine of the day), add a little bit of soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds, some cucumber on the side and if I have, an apple or tangerine.
Corentin T.
Some days when I'm in a rush is bagel with cream cheese or sometimes I grap a lemon poppyseed muffin. Other days when I have more time I'll make an egg with some fruits.
Inessa Y.
I really enjoy having a fried egg on toast and beans on the side as it includes lots of protein and boosts your energy for the whole day