Is it better to eat breakfast after exercising or before that?

Stephanie N.
I like to eat after I exercise (but I exercise after I drink some water). It helps motivate me through to workout knowing that I get to have a healthy breakfast after. It makes me choose something better for my body after I exercise because it gets me in a health-focused mindset

Tina R.
I am not really sure but I do my exercise after breakfast becouse when I wake up I am really hungry, but I heard that is better before breakfast becouse it makes your metabolism faster

Frank A.
Depends. I like going for a short run before breakfast and returning hungry and ready for breakfast. But before a strength training session I usually eat something to have energy for the work I'm going to do.

Emily N.
I usually eat something quick like a banana or a protein bar before and then after i’ll have something else. you never wanna workout with a full stomach or an empty stomach 🙂

Samantha W.
I usually have something small before exercising to help fuel my workout like yogurt or a piece of fruit. Then after my workout I will have a balanced breakfast, focusing on protein and carbs to refuel my muscles and make sure they recovery properly for the next day.

Sophie U.
A few hours Before as you need fuel and energy to exercise and otherwise you'll end up burning the little energy you have.

Mishana N.
I think that if its very early in the morning, exercising before eating is best. If not having a light bite such as toast and nutbutter or water followed by coffee is a great pick me up before exercise. If your like me and choose intermittent fasting…I eat breakfast later in the morning. Eating after fits into my window of eating.

Divyansh F.
Yes, we need carbohydrates to burn during exercise. So, we should take night carbohydrates and fats food. After workout we should take proteins. Am I right?

Jullia C.
Everyone like it diffrent, for some people it's better to eat before workout because they have more energy after eating (something small and healthy) and for some other people it's better to eat after workout (like for me). You can try both and you'll see what will work better for you!

Lore X.
It depends on what kind of exercise you do and your breakfast, if you want to eat a lot and have an intensive work out it's better to work out before, if you have small breakfast you can work out after. If you work out before breakfast you will burn more fat, but ist better to eat proteins as breakfast for muscle recovery. After your breakfast you will use that energy and it' s more to feel good and your condition than to burn fat.