What do yu eat when you can’t eat a proper breakfast?

Corinne O.
To be honest it depends what you mean by a proper breakfast? I always just go with how I feel I’ve just woken up so I don’t put to much pressure to make anything exciting if I’m still tired I’ll have something simple like porridge or toast, af the weekend with my boyfriend I make us big breakfasts as I love how happy it makes him, when it’s just me if I feel more awake and productive I’ll make something more exciting look in the cupboard freezer & fridge and anything that goes gets made and after I’m always really proud
Arine N.
I use high protein supplements. Something with 30 grams of protein in it. Whether it be some kind of chewy bar or a powder that I can mix with milk, I try to keep the carbs low sometimes that's a losing battle. But the protein to me makes the breakfast
Sarah U.
I typically keep spare protein shakes at my desk at work or in my purse just in case. I like premier protein the best. Tasty, loads of variety, 30g of protein. Just enough to get me by until lunch.
Erin E.
I used to go for a coffee, now that I’m making healthier choices a smoothie is quick and easy or a grapefruit and some toast with avocado. I have a toddler and two dogs that keep me busy so I’m eating breakfast in a rush a lot
Lauren N.
I tend to do one of two things. The first is to grab a fist full of something sugary on the way out the door. The second is when I prepare and have protein shakes/bars ready to go. It is in the ease of access that my behavior lies, not the food item itself. I am always happy to make the healthier choice, as long as it’s accessible. My executive function issues weigh heavily on my diet choices. This is not a hard problem to solve, it just requires commitment
Horst Dieter C.
Usually if I can’t eat a proper breakfast I won’t have anything because when I’m not hungry I sometimes feel sick if I eat.
Erwan S.
I eat fruits like apple or banana. Other options are two slices of whole-wheat bread or Milk and Cereal. Finally, fruit parfait is also an option I try for a change in the routine.
Phoebe Z.
I eat a bowl of cereal with blueberries to make it a tiny bit healthier, and maybe for a snack, because if thats not enough I will have a granola bar! 🙂
Donna R.
Eating what ever you want is important , if u can’t eat a healthy breakfast one day, try to make the rest of the meals healthy
Adiam B.
If I can’t sit down and eat breakfast or I don’t have time to cook I’ll just grab some fruit and water. That way the water can help keep me hydrated and full while my body uses the fruit for quick energy in the morning!
Rhonda U.
Usually I eat a simple sandwich with hagelslag (dutch, 🙂 chocolate sprinkles) and I drink a glass of milk or a cup of tea. That's a fast and easy breakfast. You can also eat a piece or fruit, a mandarin for example
Eva E.
In the app Fabulous, it says if you can’t eat a big breakfast before you leave, then just have a protein bar or an apple/banana. You can also look up some recipes on how to make some breakfast that will be good for you, maybe.
Mohammad F.
My main meal is 2-4 eggs depending on my activity level for this day.

In case I don’t have time to make that food, I make sure to cook 40g of oats with 125g of skimmed milk and I chop 100g of banana as a topping.

If I didn’t manage to cook the oats also, I buy a Quest protein bar and a Quest cookie.

Daniel Y.
When I don't have time for a nice eggs and bacon w veggies mixed in breakfast, I have a great go to. I take a healthy peanut butter or crunchy almond butter, and I cut up a banana in it. The more ripe the more a banana can help replete electrolytes like potassium that are lost with diarrhea or vomiting, and contain resistant starch (especially if using cooked less-ripe green bananas) that may support gut healing. In my case I drink so much water that I need any extra electrolytes I can get. So don't laugh if I tell you I also salt it. Occasionally I even add Olive or Avocado Oil. If you like it sweeter you could mix in some Stevie. Seriously healthy and yummy.
Emma N.
I would eat a banana or apple or the healthy type of protein bars so that I would have fuel for the day and it so it would last long
Alice Z.
I eat a piece of fruit that I love, that way even though it’s just a piece of fruit (like a mango or orange or big honey crisp apple) it feels like a treat. Plus no matter the fruit it’s bound to have water and fiber and vitamins in a perfect balance. In fact most days I eat just fruit and a big mug of tea. That alone can fill me up.
Karolin Z.
When I can't have a proper breakfast, I usually reach for a granola bar, a banana and a scoop of peanut butter….. Or alternatively, I pick up a yogurt, apple and some granola…… The second may seem like an odd combination but it's heavenly and has enough fast releasing sugars to hold me until lunch and not allow my blood sugar to drop too low.
Bea N.
Dates(you know, arabic dates, it’s got the proteins you need). Water woth collagen powder. Water and lemon, a boiled egg♥️.helps so much! Tc
Wenda Q.
I usually pick a fruit, like a banana that is easy to eat even on the road. Other valid alternative for me are a yogurt or some nuts, like almonds.
Chris P.
If I don't eat a proper breakfast, I try to make sure to eat a healthy meal later in the day! I also think it helps to have some food items ready to go in the mornibg every day. So if I don't have the tine/energy to fry myself some eggs, I still have some healthy(ish) cereal I can eat instead as a backup. I know some people kerp things like granola bars around as a backup as well, just in case they're running late in the morning. Finally, and most important, I don't blame myself when I miss breakfast, I just acknowledge it and try to pick back up again the next day! Good luck!
Crystal A.
If you are in a hurry, you can always make sure that you have either protein shakes in your pantry or protein bars. Protein bars/shakes are great for when you’re running late out the door but don’t want to skip breakfast and be hungry until lunch. Just grab a shake or a bar on your way out and eat it on the way to wherever you are going. A good fulfilling breakfast doesn’t need to be a full course meal…it just needs to be something that fills you up and gives you enough energy to properly go about your day until lunch.
Helen Q.
I try as best as I can to get something healthy to eat, if I can't do that I will eat the best I can from the food I have around me.
Carlo J.
My idea of a perfect breakfast is a smoothie made from one banana, some frozen red fruit, oatmilk and I add a pinch of ashwaganda. I top with chiaseeds and hennepseeds. It's easy to digest, takes only 5 min to make and leaves a full good feeling
Emily G.
Normalmente, bebo meu leite (sem lactose) morno, com café para acordar, cevada ou mistura de cereais e pouco açúcar, para alguma energia matinal.
Laurie W.
I’ve been using frozen smoothie cubes (Evive) and putting them with juice in a mason jar in the fridge the night before. Then in the morning they are melted enough to drink. I also have cliff bars on hand for those rushed mornings.
Jon G.
My go to is a smoothie with banana, blueberries, strawberries, avocado, nut butter and almond milk. Otherwise I do celery juice detox and just fast with water until lunch
Fatin H.
Some kind of fruit, usually a banana because they’re my favs and easy to carry around. If not that, then some kind of bread or sandwich from the convenience store just so I don’t go on with an empty stomach.
Jessica Q.
When I can't have a proper, sit down breakfast, I make sure to still eat something to help fuel my morning. Protein is a must for me. I keep hard boiled eggs at the ready, and bags of trail mix. Another option is a turkey sausage stick and cheese. Protein will keep you feeling full longer.
Charlie O.
I actually am allergic to a few things so I always try to make something proper. That way I don't get hungry later and am stressed as well as hungry or week by looking at lots of food craving it and fighting myself cause I can't eat it.

If I'm really in a hurry I soak oats or some kinda grain in milk as I get ready. Then chop up some fruit and sprinkle some seeds for protein. I also keep other things nearby like coconut shavings, raisins/cruising. And if I have yogurt. Well its a great alternative.

Lastly if all else fails. Smoothies and toast. Blend it brown and suck it down. Toast for the carbs.
Then after fill the blender with water just below half way. Drop of soap and blend it to clean it so its not a mess later.

Morvarid F.
Since I am a sleepy person, there were many times in my life that I was in hurry and couldn't have a complete breakfast…so I learned to drink at least a glass of milk and somtimes a piece of banana. nuts also work in this situation.
Wish I could help you ♥️
Have a nice day
Dilara X.
Since we live in the Corona times I always have time to have breakfast at home but if I were to go to school in the mornings and don't have time for breakfast I would just prepare my breakfast at night before sleep. Like preparing a toast. And in the morning you can just cook it and you saved time. This way you can create time to eat or you can just bring your food to work/ school. Don't forget that if you literally want to do something you can always find time. <3
Alonso P.
Cup of sugar-free coffee, 3 eggs (only one with yolk), bunch of nuts and a wholemeal bread with light mozzarella cheese.
Brian Q.
I usually grab an apple or banana and a cereal bar along with my coffee and I'm good to go. But honestly I never run out of time to make breakfast because it's my favourite meal of the day and I always plan ahead to have a little time to make my favourite oatmeal with berries and peanut butter. Or else I'll just have cereal with milk. But the worst case cenario is fruit with a cereal bar and you are set. And of course my coffee
Miguel P.
I usually have things handy for me to grab, so that I’m not tempted to grab fast food. I’ll have fruit bars, mixed nuts, fruit (bananas, grapes), and/or dry cereal in a ziplock baggie. Sometimes, I’ll add toast with jelly or almond butter and/or boiled eggs I’ve cooked the night before. The most important things are that they are healthy, convenient, and filling.
Sarah B.
Almond butter or cheese (vegan cheese in my case). Anything fast that'll give you protein is usually the best way to kick start your day, nuts, nut butters, or cheese are good options for that. Theres also some pretty good yogurt options. The foil lids also double as a spoon in a pinch!
Donna Marie N.
I keep fresh fruit in / near the fridge. In particular I will cut up strawberries when we buy them and keep them in a container – I can then grab a handful to go with porridge, pancakes. Sometimes I prep breakfast egg muffins on a Sunday to eat in the week – just pop them in the microwave and they're good to go.
Be Ta N.
A banana or two always works for me. Alternatively, you could prepare your breakfast ahead of time, during the evening before, and take it with you to your workplace. Try looking up “overnight oats” recipes! : )
Milton P.
when i cant eat a proper meal i usually just make a piece of toast or cereal for example. maybe even just an apple or a cup of tea
Lorena A.
When I can't eat a proper breakfast, I just relax and I eat some bread or something, but I Know that tomorrow I can go back and choose a better decition
Catherine F.
I reach into the freezer for one of my meal prep'd smoothie bags, I have 7 different flavors and types that I prepare at the beginning of the month. Along with muffins, and breads
Danielle Z.
I make a quick breakfast sandwich to take with me: 2 slices of toast, 2 slices of tofurky, 1 slice of Violife Mozzarella and 1 teaspoon of Primal Buffalo Sauce. If I'm really, really pressed for time a banana or two is a great portable breakfast.
Dimitrios O.
If I only have 5-10 minutes, I’ll eat low sugar/high protein yogurt (skyr is the best), with some berries, a banana, and/or granola or protein-rich cereal. If I have to grab something on the go, I’ll often eat a pack of Belvita breakfast crackers (type with the lowest sugar) and an apple.
Villads Z.
Protein bars seem the easiest solution. Sometimes a ready made sandwich from a quickmarket will do too. If mornings are hectic, it's best to prepare something on the evening before.
Morana N.
I don’t know what is a proper breakfast, but I usually eat one of the following:
– eggs sunny side up, toast with turkey beeasts and peppers
– avocado with toast
– oats with fruits (blueberries), cinnamon, carrob, chia, coconut protein, and hot water
– dinkelflakes with chocolate milk
Roslynn H.
Drink your calories. I struggle myself with eating early in the morning because I just don’t feel hungry and nothing sounds tasty to me. Recently I’ve been having a glass of orange juice along with my water to start the day and that has honestly kind of kickstarted me to want to eat more. Other options that are easy are granola bars, a homemade trail mix with lots of nuts, seeds, fruits, cereal (anything you want) to snack on in the morning
Sarah N.
I ordered a sandwich form Jahez app I care to make it healthy choice but Im not sure if it is like that , as well I feel I westing my money
Nathalie A.
If I'm in a rush I will take a piece of fruit and then buy lunch later or if I know I won't have time in the morning I sometimes make a breakfast burrito for the morning
Michael Z.
I always keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge. So, I can grab two and go. Sometimes I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Easy, portable, and filling.
M Line T.
Make a breakfast ahead of time that you can eat on the go. I just made egg bites in muffin cups. You can add veggies, cheese and sausage/bacon to the egg mixture. They can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge. They are very tasty.
Here is the recipe I used—you can modify as needed. I added cooked bacon, crumbled and sautéed onions/green peppers. It made a batch of 12 regular size muffins. Next time I’ll double the recipe so I can have more to put aside in the fridge.
Kasper C.
Frutas. Com certeza. A vida é bem corrida e todo mundo passar por isso, mas não cuidar de você mesmo não é uma opção, então, a noite, eu preparou tudo o que vai me acontecer no próximo dia. Então eu pico frutas e deixo na geladeira.
Ju M.
When I can't have a proper breakfast I just prepare a glass of milk with some instant coffee. It gives me some energy to keep me moving.
J Lia E.
Whatever is easiest to grab. If we have fruit, I’ll grab a banana or an apple. If we have granola bars or some kind of packaged to go snack, I’ll eat that. The only problem is when we don’t have any of these things, I don’t eat.
Rochelle E.
If I can’t eat a proper breakfast I tend to just pick at whatever is at hand, this could be cheese, slices of ham, a banana ant number of things that are in my fridge or cupboard that don’t take any time to cook.

If there is nothing in to pick at and immediately eat, I suppress the hunger or need for breakfast with a strong coffee or cup of tea, this will usually see me through until mid morning to which I will have another to see me through to lunch.

Julie B.
Oatmeal.half a cup plus full cup of water.90 sec in microwave. It fills you up and it kills your bad cholesterol.you can top it with everything from cheese and pepperoni to banana slices and peanut butter. It's cheap, it is tasty enough to eat on it's own, and you do not have to THINK in the morning.just do it.💚
Eva G.
Mostly easy breakfast. I’m horrible at breakfast,
Don’t feel like eating loads of food or going to the trouble of making breakfast at all.

So i resort to “ready to eat” portions of yoghurt and granola. Buy them in the stores. Or i go for a bar, which keeps me going until lunch or coffee break

Sherri U.
It’s really hard for me to eat healthy breakfasts, maybe I’m not motivated or I just can’t find simple recipes so I’ll usually eat cereal or cheese toast or even a snack