For breakfast sugar intake is big no no, what about salt? Not at all or small amount ok?

Christopher Z.
Well it’s hard to avoid salt completely, and some salt is necessary. Most ppl don’t need to add salt, though, as it’s already in so many foods. So maybe try to avoid adding salt. Moderation!
Ronald P.
I would read recent studies about salt. I’ve heard that we underestimate how much salt we actually do need. I don’t think a lot of sodium is good- especially from eating a lot of sausages or cans of soup. But adding salt to flavor food doesn’t seem to be A terrible thing.
Estelle Y.
I prefer without salt! However, if I eat eggs, I put a little bit of salt. But most of the time I eat neutral foods for breakfast
Tony J.
A small amount of salt is ok, just don't add salt to your breakfast. E.i. Salty chease is ok, adding salt to a slice of meat isn't.
Jakob J.
Well it's recommended around 2.3g of salt should be your daily amount so it depends on your diet. I personally do, but you have to consider what you at having for lunch and dinner
Oxana G.
I would suggest consider the source of the salt. If it is natural and low in salt then it should be fine. But if there is a tendency to add excess salt then proceed with caution. Eggs are a good start, also avocado or low fat proteins may be a good help as well in the mornings.
Luenem O.
I think a little is okay. It can get your muscles ready to move and prepare you for the day. Too much sodium can be a problem though.
Gino Z.
Sodium is necessary for our body . If it gets drop then we can face some problems in our daily life … So small amount of sodium is must in our meal
Laura X.
Salt is a little different for me than most people – I actually need more of it and don’t eat much so it would be good for me to have a little salt in my breakfast as long as I am drinking plenty of water!
Silje C.
That depend if you have any medical restriction concerning salt intake, but if it is not the case then small amount it's ok
Cassandre Z.
I think a breakfast that makes you feel full (protein ) is a good breakfast. Small amount of salt is ok naturally but not added salt.
Olivia Y.
Salt intake is an important mineral for your body. It is what you would call an electrolyte. Electrolytes are important for your body because they help with your nervous system functions. That being said the average person intakes way to much sodium through out there day. If you would consider your self working out lots throughout your day it might be okay to add some salt to your breakfast. If however you don't workout or get your physical activity in your day. Your regular meals might contain the perfect amount of salt. Remember to always get potassium in if your intaking salt because it is the two working synergistically that allow it to become an electrolyte. Potassium can be found in bananas and potatoes. Look up some other sources of potassium. Remember if you intake to much salt through out your day you can always do a some physical activity to try and counter it. That being said it is vital that you try and avoid intaking to much salt over an extended period of time. There is a lot of research that points to negative health effects from to much sodium over a long period of time. Just like there are health effects that happen when you take to little. Remember if you don't exercise most meals would probably contain the perfect amount of sodium for you anyway. But again that depends if your the average person or not.
Elia S.
I prefer my breakfast not too big and I can include a small amount of salt. If you don’t want to include at all, just reduce gradually. Have fun!
Heather Z.
i usually use a little pink Himalayan salt because it’s supposed to be healthier and i feel you don’t even need as much of it as you would a regular salt
Anatole N.
I think a small amount wouldn’t hurt but try to avoid it a bit by eating a salad and drink a cup of water.. you’ll feel less needy of salt.
Scott N.
I would ask your doctor – different people have different dietary needs because every body (and, indeed, everybody) is unique. What works for me may not work for you. ONLY your doctor will be able to look at your health history and help you decide how much you need.
John P.
A small amount of salt is preferred but no salt is better. Food should have a certain amount of salt in it for taste. If you already have high blood pressure then you should eliminate it.
Sebastian J.
In general, large salt intake can negatively affect your blood pressure. But if you are otherwise healthy than a little salt is not harmful. Often times we crave salt in the morning because we get a little dehydrated overnight. Try drinking a glass of water while you’re making breakfast or right before eating breakfast and you might be surprised at how it helps your salt craving. For cooking any meals, salt helps add flavor to meats or eggs. One way to add flavor without salt is to use spices. Spices that go well with eggs include garlic, onion, parsley, tarragon, cilantro.
Chloe F.
As little salt as possible is what I strive for. I do not add any additional salt to any of my food that I cook on my own at home.
Alexander B.
Actually you can have way more sugar than salt on a day. It's important you don't get to much sugar (same goes for salt) that is why avoiding 'added sugars' is important.

I myself drink a lot during the day so I should have a little more than average deu to salt being flushed out of my system. Identify how much you need on a day ( you need extra if you do sports etc. and less if you consume a lot of salt in other products). But let's be honest fried eggs are just better with a little salt on them 😉

Konrad Q.
I tried to watch both sugar and salt intake. I am going for quick foods to get into habit of eating then transitioning to cooking myself and control the salt and sugar intake.
Lea N.
A small amount of salt is ok on occasion but I would not feel comfortable eating salty food every morning. It leaves you dehydrated for the day.
Yann W.
A dash of salt can add a little flavor to your food, but it’s also good to have a variety of a fruit, vegetable, and protein that will help bring out flavors so you don’t have to add as much seasoning or salt.