What is the best healthy breakfast you have made so far?

Alan John Q.
I have two weetabixs in semi-skimmed milk, I have one slice of bread with butter and manuka honey. I’m addition I drink a class of Ribena to boost my vitamin C, I take cod liver oil tablet, a multivitamin tablet and one actimel that boost my immune system. If still thirsty while eating, I will have a class of water.
It’s not much, but it’s a lot better than what it was.
Eva C.
I don't have too many healthy ingredients or even any cooking skills, but I like to have french toast and milk! Classic but delicious
Pavel T.
A shake with:
-1 banana
-1 tbs peanutbutter
-1 scoop of protein powder
-1 scoop of fine oats
-2 cups of water/milk
It has all macro's you need and I also eat some berries for some more vitamines and something to chew on. It is easy to make and actually really tasty.