I suffer from fibromyalgia, any suggestions on what I could eat as breakfast without fruit?

Axelle Z.
In my opinion the eggs are the best option for the breakfast. You can it them in many ways, in salad, boiled, scrambled, fried with tomatoes. The second Best fruitless breakfast is Buddha bowl. You can choose whatever you want and eat it with delicious vegetables.
Victor G.
Maybe some bread with cornflakes. But you have to discover what you like and what you would want to eat as breakfast. You have to eat it and you have to have energy throughout the day, if you discover what you like for yourself it is more effective than that somebody said what you have to eat. And I f you try different things you will discover different flavours and things that you have never had before, but you like it very much… what I just want to say is that you should find your own ingredients for your breakfast! So discover and enjoy that journey!!
Gabriel E.
Eggs are always a fantastic option. Not only are they healthy, they are packed with protein and vitamins. You can also consider meats and vegetables!
Sophie Z.
I personally eat toast or cereal every morning with a cup of milk or water. If not then I would recommend something like pancakes or waffles.