What are some quick options for people who don’t have a ton of time to eat?

Donald J.
Skip something with too much sugar in it. Pancakes for example. They wil make you energetic for half an hour but after that you will get hungry again. Try something like fruits or eggs. Those will keep you going for a few hours!

Pompeu Z.
I like to grab granola bars, bananas, cheese sticks or crackers if I’m in a rush. If I have a little more time than just running out the door I will quick fix up some eggs in a tortilla which is quick and easy to eat on the go.

Fen Sia S.
Fruits and eggs are the fastest. But I personally prefer to make breakfast ahead like chia pudding, frittata, and healthy bakes using almond floor

Rosa U.
I like to do short work outs that focus on one area I want to maintain or make better. This way you slowly build up your muscle and also don't get overwhelmed by doing too much. You can add other short workouts after a few weeks when your confidence has become stronger x

Igor X.
Put some alarms, crave the hours that you gonna eat, 6 times at day, and eat when this moments come, even if you just eat a little piece of bread.

Santina Z.
To always have snacks around to nibble on once in awhile or create one moment the whole day to have one good meal.
To ensure to drink a lot of fluids and water.

Hans Helmut E.
Because then you have the most power and energie ,and you can set a alarm that really irritates you and you set like 3 alarms then it will make you stand up and get started

Ad Le T.
It is better to eat your breakfast within two to two and half hours since you are awake because it is important to have your breakfast as fast as you can because the stomach has starved the entire night and giving it a full meal is necessary. Always make sure to leave about 2 or 3 hours in between your breakfast and lunch for proper digestion of the breakfast.

Sander Z.
People of that type must always set a timetable for taking their meal, but as well be punctual with it. They should also be taking some energetic foods in case they are always running behind time

Jeppe U.
well you should just grab some nuts if you have any or if you have low fat yogurt you could put the nuts in the yogurt and even some berries.

Igor X.
Prepare something the night before, like a boiled egg or a light sandwich. Have easy foods on hand, like fruit, small tubs of yogurt or mixed nuts packets. It is important to start your day off with a good breakfast. 🙂

Nanna C.
I'm not always optimistic on dark days, my faith has been shaken over the years I do try my best to always have a positive outlook on very situation whether good or bad

Roland W.
You can have an apple or a banana (I prefer apple myself) because they have low gycemic score. Or you can have other fruits with higher glycemic levels but just make sure to add a spoon of peanut butter to the menu, that will make it take longer for your body to process the sugar you'll ingest, keeping you full and with energy for more time. You can also have a hand full of nuts if you're in too much of a hurry.

Bob X.
Try planning out foods that can be made over night (crock pot breakfast, over night oats) so they'll be ready in the morning to eat. If you have time, make something over the weekend that either can be reheated quickly or eaten cold, like a variety of egg bites or breakfast burritos.

Enola T.
You should prepair some meals the night before. You should cut fruits and vegetables so you'll be able to snack during the day

Igor X.
A quick sandwich can be put together or even just a slice of something like fruit loaf. It depends on the meal and if the lack of time is due to having to go somewhere

Belinda F.
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