What time should you eat breakfast?

Daisy X.
When you wake up and are ready to. I know some people need to hydrate and wait, some people have to have their coffee first and some people need to eat ASAP after waking up. It's a pretty personal thing
Francilene S.
As soon as possible after waking up and doing your morning exercise. My health care provider shared a study that showed that people who eat within an hour of waking are healthier overall and maintain lower body weights.
Jesse C.
I would say if you want to loose weight I would eat breakfast 12 to 16h after you have stopped eating. If you stop eat at 9:30pm your breakfast should be no earlyer then 9:30am.
Generosa F.
It depends. I do intermittent fasting on the weekdays, so it changes for me. Saturday and Sunday, I do it after my morning routine, so around 6:45am. On weekdays, I do a 16:8 fast, so I don't have my first meal until 1pm.
Odeberto W.
When my body tells me it's time. It's important to listen to your body and follow its cues. If your body doesn't want food first thing in the morning, don't force it.
Calvin W.
Since everyone has different routines, it doesn’t matter at what time you eat breakfast as long as you eat it everyday and at the same time.
Albert U.
Im trying to eat an hour from the time I wake up but usually I eat two hours after.. it’s better then before that I only had coffee. I’m giving breakfast more time than what I really need on the morning routine so I won’t miss it.
X Nia F.
I eat it right when I wake up in the morning after drinking my water. It really depends on what works for you or your morning routine.
Valentin T.
You should take your breakfast before 1-2hours which is taken into account once you wake up from your bed. Since your body goes through a 10-12hours of fasting period you ll be in need to break the fast thats why they named it as breakfast
Leona J.
An ideal breakfast should happen between 7-8am in the morning to have energy available for the day's work, however, the timing of your dinner the previous night might influence how early you take breakfast. If you take your dinner before 8pm regularly the 7-8am timing for breakfast is a good one as this will allow for ample time to repair the body. Overall, having a specific schedule time for your meal and other activities is key, then nutritional components MUST be right for your healthy needs as this can vary from one individual to another.
Milton O.
Right when you wake up.. I wake up really early. The problem with that is I usually end up having 2 breakfasts.. but if the point of breakfast is to energize you, then I suppose when you wake or up to and hour after.
Camila C.
After drinking your first glass of water and stretch. When you’re hungry but don’t wait too long. Nibble even if you’re not hungry. You need the energy from your food.
Melaine Q.
This all depends on your set of habits, I tend to eat breakfast about half an hour after waking up. But I wake up at different times due to my work schedule, so from start to finish of my routine is the same length but starts at different times if it needs to.
Romana F.
I prefer completing some of my habits in the morning first, such as meditation, yoga, shower. As a build upbto get ready for the day ahead. And then have my breakfast! Enjoy and have a great day!
Joaquim B.
I think it really depends on your schedule. I typically eat breakfast around 8:30-9. I think it’s best to allow yourself about 30 min to eat and relax for breakfast before you have to go to work/school/etc.
Faith O.
Well my answer is gonna be different because I work night shift so I am working from 10pm to 8am. With that being said I eat breakfast between 5 and 6 pm which is about 30 mins after I wake up and I make sure I have drank my glass of water first so I can think clearly about eating a healthy choice
Hertha U.
Breakfast should be eaten after you have got out of bed and brushed your teeth and shouldn’t be confined to a time. What you should do however is have good sleeping habits where you sleep early and get up early. I think that’s most important, after which you’ll naturally have breakfast at what people say is a good time.

In the caveman times, there wasn’t a ‘best’ time to eat a meal. There wasn’t even a concept of breakfast because we were active throughout the whole day, hunting and running. In the end, I believe that if you don’t exercise much and go about your day normally and go to sleep in the evenings before midnight, just make sure to eat when necessary (when you feel hungry), try intermittent fasting cause that helps a lot and is good for you and space out your meals (like if you have breakfast at 10, don’t have lunch at 12 just because everyone else is doing so but give time for your body to digest, absorb and expand the energy).

Volkmar A.
A time between 8.00am to 10.00am is the best as the body breaks its over night fast of nearly ten to twelve hours, it needs to be b healthy-high protein, less carbs….more complex ones and some fat too, high fibre, rich veggies, nuts and fruits. body gets charged up for the whole day at this time. Great to be slim in a healthier way after a good workout and a walk.
Melvin T.
About 30 minutes after I wake up, (6:10 am) it's a good time for when I have to go to the school. But on the weekend, 8:00 am it's my limit lol
Janete Z.
During Ramadan, Muslims wake up well before dawn to eat the first meal of the day, which has to last until sunset. This means eating lots of high-protein foods and drinking as much water as possible right up until dawn, after which you can't eat or drink anything. At dawn, we perform the morning prayer.
Megan O.
I like to use breakfast as a way to wake up early in the morning. I find that setting an early rhythm happens much faster if I do it by setting an alarm and having breakfast almost immediately. After 3 or more days my body wakes at that time automatically.
Making it the first thing also let's energy be one less thing to worry about.
Jose Y.
I will try to eat breakfast between 8 and 9 o'clock on days that I do not work at night, and at 3 pm on days that I do.
Barbara Z.
I have a baby so I don’t have fixed schedule but I eat breakfast as soon as possible after waking up usually around 7.30
Toni Y.
The right time to eat your breakfast I think is after you drink your early morning water. A good hearty oatmeal ( organic) with bananas and organic honey is great ! And a hot cup of tea or coffee so you don’t go back to sleep. Also don’t snooze because it starts a whole new sleep cycle.
Warren C.
When I fell hungry, because I am too fat. When I reach the ideal weight, I should eat breakfast right after I drink water, first thing in the morning
Kenneth U.
It is best to eat breakfast within the first hour you wake up as this will automatically give you energy for the day ahead
Isaac Z.
you should have breakfast the closest to when you woke up. so just get ready and eat your breakfast as soon as possible.
Mildred T.
I think that depends on whenever you are ready to start your day and your intentions are focusing on your goals for that day. For some that means before going to work. Perhaps after exercise. With me, it just varies. I don't necessarily live on a schedule. This is just what what my lifestyle entails. So when I wake up, I let my mind, my heart and my body decide when it's time to eat breakfast. If I don't, that's ok. Doesn't mean my day won't be good. It just means I didn't feeling like having breakfast that day.
Jake W.
As soon as you can after waking. If you wait till after you get other things done, you are likely to run out of time and sacrifice breakfast to other things. I used to wait till after my workout and often just ran out of the house w/o breakfast, because it was something I could skip. Now, I eat a very small breakfast and work out after. Not ideal, but I am not a morning person!
Tommy Y.
When you are hungry! Sometimes it m hungry right away, but other times I’m not hungry until much later. Listen to your body. It’s very smart!