As a vegetarian I struggle with low iron so am therefore quite often tired. Do you know any vegetarian-friendly breakfast meals that would boost energy, but are also quick to make?

Morgan P.
You could make something such as a. Omelette or cereal or toast make sure you use something that has dairy and eggs in it as it will give you lots of nutrients as a vegetarian myself
Johan C.
You could include eggs in your diet as well as grains like lentils or chickpeas, my favorite breakfast is a fried egg with a veggie sausage and coffee, I think is pretty easy to make, and my lunch always includes legumes
Itzel N.
There are lots and of food that can help with iron deficiency. Spinach is one off then you can do a spinach omelette with tofu. Maybe if you are in a rush you can eat fortified cereal, there are a lot without added sugar and lots of fiber as well.