I’m not a huge fruit eater; any suggestions in healthy things to add to breakfast which arent fruit?

Derrick O.
If you don’t eat fruit, you can eat a handful of nuts for breakfast. They are healthy, but don’t eat too much because they are healthy but they are full of fats!
Annabel F.
Flax seed—on whole wheat toast, with or without butter or peanut. A good substitute for fish oil, and a natural source of nutrients good for your heart.
Another trick I use is jelly, jam, or preserves mixed with cottage cheese or yogurt. Satisfies the sweet tooth. Good source of calcium, too.
Martha E.
Try to find healthy cereal (I recommend Barbra’s Puffins Cereal). Even though it may be for kids, it is low in sugar and calories and very delicious!
Felecia C.
Hemp hearts, chia seeds. I force myself to have a salad and put fruit on it because I’m not a huge fruit eater either. But I can stand to throw some berries on a salad. Cucumber, tomato, peppers, etc are all considered fruit too 🙂
Meghan O.
Egg white omelet with or without veggies, whole grain toast but putter and oatmeal. I have experimented with different berries and yogurt making a little parfait with granola which you barely taste the fruit!
Lo S Y.
You can always make a smoothie, that way you'll have multiple fruits in one. If your not down for that then I recommend dates, all you have to do is eat three a day and you'll be good to go. Of course theres is always a third suggestion protein bars
Marinice Q.
If you do not like fruit try veggies that are rich on proteins and sugar, like tomatoes,onions, sweet potatoes to name some.
Joann U.
Being healthy is not all about the fruit and veg it’s about balancing what you eat so could start off by eating protein which is also very good and drinking lots of water. Overtime maybe you could make smoothies they are fun to make and are also supper healthy. You could also eat plant based foods like leaves ( spinach, lettuce rocket) spinach for example is really healthy and does you body good and you can’t even taste it, it has no flavour. Good luck!
Cathy Q.
Avocado toast! With good grainy bread (I like daves awesome sprouted grain) and Everything but the bagel seasoning. Also, spinach and mushrooms in scrambled eggs is pretty easy. Chobani has a few 'low sugar' flavored greek yogurts and you can trick yourself by throwing some fresh berries or a peach in there
Jonathan P.
I'm not big on fruit or veggies but I've been buying those apple sauce packets with the extra fruit and vegetables added in. They're portable which is great for breakfast on the go. I also like the Sargento snack packs from Costco or Sam's. They have cheese, nuts, and cranberries or some variation of that. You can always drink your fruit too with a simple glass of OJ, or the premade fruit juice drinks like Naked green machine or my favorite, the blue one. Drinking it is faster and easier too.
Maja Z.
If you are not a fruit eater, you can add some nuts tot your breakfast. Proteïne yoghurt is also a good idea. I daily eat chiaseed with cocosnut powder.
Russell W.
If you are not a big fruit eater you can have yogurt with a low calorie granola with chia seeds. Another good option is oatmeal, this keeps you full and gives you protein for the day. If you are in a savory mood you can have eggs. Egg whites and a slice of toast gives you protein and is pretty healthy. Another savory breakfast is avocado toast with avocado, an egg, and some seasonings.
B R Nice Z.
i say go for a nice protein like a handful of nuts, eggs, bacon, or sausage. you could also try a type of vegetable like avocado or kale with your breakfast.
Tobias U.
So I'm not much of a fruit eater either what I eat to still eat healthy is a avocado or sweet corn yes I know you might not like it at first but I would definitely recommend you trying atleast it's really good and hopefully you have a awesome day 💗
Kyla N.
If you don’t like fruit there are healthy alternatives such as nuts, coconut chips, yogurt and oats. You can always try to make fruit smoothies so that you get your fruit intake but you don’t have to chew any fruit. If not, the examples said above are perfectly fine.
Jeff N.
I'm a vegetable person rather than that of fruit, so I try to incorporate veggies in my diet whenever I can. For instance, a good go-to snack is celery sticks with a spoonful of peanut butter. Smooties are also a great alternative. You can sneak in some fruits in there if your diet really needs some fruit. I may also reach for salads often. Mixing it up in terms of ingredients usually helps and they're enjoyable.
David I.
Try oatmeals , you can add a Tea spoon or 2 of sugar and a tea spoon of salt for the taste , I believe it still will be healthy
Victor S.
To make my breakfast healthy I cook down a cup of spinach with a bit of olive oil or coconut oil (instead of butter) and pour scrambled eggs on top. Either continue scrambling your eggs or make into an omelette!
Martha J.
Try different kinds of fruit. I also don’t like eating fruits that much, but there are some that I can eat. I usually eat fruits as dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Sharon Z.
Make a porridge with chia and flaxseed, put cacao or vanilla flavour into it, as well honey and cinnamon, whichever tick your boxes 😘