Is cereal a good option for those days where you just don’t have the time to cook a proper meal?

Suhaida U.
I think depends on type of cereal. But most cereal is densed with sugar and artificial flavours. If I don't have time to cook, and are trying to eat clean, I'll opt for boiled egg sprinkled with peppers and topped off with lots of fresh lettuces and tomatoes. Or you can opt for fresh fruits like bananas, grapes, apples, berries that you can just it on the go.

Sheryl C.
Yes it is, it’s a quick yet yummy meal so I can prepare it in no time even when I’m tired or don’t have the appetite to eat anything else. You can also add fruits or other syrups if it gets too monotonous

Roland Q.
Well, it is good if is plain oat with water and you put some apple slices, berries, nuts & maybe a few seeds as well and pour some honey on the top of it, and a pinch of cinnamon…
It is good if we stay away from those sugary cereal products.
Another option – my personal favorite for those days – are scrumbled eggs prepared under 3 minutes. Choose quality eggs though. 🙂

Angela Q.
It depends on which cereal's you are eating if they are home made i think it is good idea to pop the into your breakfast

Kyla O.
There are better options such as fruit, granola bars on even nutrition drinks such as Ensure. Meal prep is even better. Though I do love cereal and will eat it as a meal because it satiates my hunger and I'm a sucker for breakfast for dinner. If I really wanted to be healthier I could buy healthier cereal with less sugar and more fiber.

Diana E.
I'm no expert but if it has the right ingredients it can't hurt if it's not all the time. Try adding a banana, honey, flaxseeds, nuts etc to boost the cereal to add the nutrition you may need. Well that's what I do 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ivo N.
I believe an accurate cereal could be ideal for breakfast if you don’t have enough time to eat something more beneficial for your body . However, it shouldn’t become your daily breakfast.

Michael U.
Personally I think going for a short run e.g 1-3 miles, or something completely different like a circuit or perhaps cycling 🙂