Do you folks have tips on dealing with the temptations of living in a family that still prescribed to the Non-Fabulous breakfast habits? Eating an egg, yoghurt and oatmeal is way harder for me if across the table somebody is munching on something… less nutritious.

Jonah F.
I think that the core of it is the small step process. I guess it depends on what the somebody across the table is in the relationship and what the less nutritious thing is. I have breakfast with family so I can be more frank or free spoken than if it was with just roommates. Is it a donut? Well, I just concentrate on what is on my plate first, let me finish my breakfast, then I remind myself how I felt to eat all that sugar… And if that doesn't work then I ask the person if they are willing to share a bite. This way I get a taste without dragging out a whole item I feel like I have to finish. That is working for me. When it is less blatant, my wife wants pancakes for breakfast, I offer to do the cooking, then I add nutrition to the cakes I put whole grains and nuts into the batter and use no sugar added fruit spreads for topping. Don't know if this helps but it is what I do.

Buthaina Z.
Okay.. that is a real problem here and i feel you.
When we set rules.. first our family members don't respect it. They confuse.. then when you keep on.. they start to respect and be more oben to your thoughts! So it's hard in first but you have to keep going because it's always will be easier and bays off. They will get along with you. They will respect your system