What low-fat quick breakfast options do you enjoy?

Sonia S.
For me, this time of year my go to is toast with garden fresh tomatoes and sometimes avocado with a sprinkle of salt and pepper usually in combo with a piece of fruit of the season or an apple.
Gui E.
For something quick, I enjoy low-fat yogurt with fruits and granola. I also enjoy eating cinnamon wheat bread with peanut butter on top with a fruit on the side.
Aymeric Y.
I don't the habit to have breakfast. But now that I'm working I need more energy, so right now for breakfast I just eat a peanut butter and bread and a glass of water and sometimes a banana too. But I would like different ideas for breakfast
Alexis Z.
I usually eat eggs in any form its a lot of protein and its really yummy just make sure to use seasonings bc otherwise its not that good