I typically eat my breakfast on the run. Any tips on getting more time to eat before I have to leave?

Giselle Q.
I would recommend waking up a little earlier, or making sure you do more things the night before so you clear up time in the morning. Eating a quick and simple breakfast saves time too – some fruit usually works for me, because it's refreshing enough to wake you up and something like an apple can be pretty filling. To start with, look at what you do every morning, and see what you can love around. If there's food you can prepare the night before then do that instead of leaving it for the morning. Personally, I try and devote at least 20 minutes for breakfast, and I do that by making sure I have everything organised and ready to go before I go to sleep. This will save you time, which you can now out towards eating a good breakfast, and it won't demand as much of you when you've just woken up. Good luck!
L Cio A.
I used to eat my breakfast at the office, when I arrived, but I always felt tired on the way there, so in the last week I started to wake up earlier every day (by 10 minute) and now I eat my breakfast befor I leave. A thing that works for me is that I usualy eat simple things that don't need much time to cook(like yougurt and cornflakes, I don't know if that is a good enough breakfast, but for me is enough sometimes) or if you want something more you can prepar them the night before and put them in the fridge so you când just heat them a little in the morning
In S Y.
Well, other than waking up any earlier, maybe re-order the way you do things. Try and eat breakfast as soon as you get up, then get dressed and all the other stuff you need to do. Worth a try
Marie W.
Try to wake up a few minutes earlier or to spend less time getting dressed or making up your bed. Preparing everything you'll need the night before is also a great way of gaining extra time.
Nicodemos B.
I love a couple extra minutes to sleep. so I prep the coffee machine at night. another thing is you could make a big batch of overnight oats on Sunday and have one every morning. make them in old hard so you can grab em on the go and put different fruits and flavours
Celso F.
I would recommend getting up just a few minutes earlier if possible… 105minutes would be enough. It will give you time to dry a couple of eggs or make oatmeal. Also if you google “breakfast oats parfait”, there is a great recipe by the Food Babe for a delicious fruit/oat breakfast you can make at night and keep on the fridge. Then you only need about 8 minutes to eat it… no morning prep required at all!
Tomothy T.
Do scrambled eggs while you brew your coffee. Take and apple or banana if you have little time to eat on the go or later
Cris Q.
Well, my tip would be to wake up earlier, but that's easier said than done. For that, maybe do tgat in steps. Decide that yiu want to eakr up at a certain time but instead of starting with that time slowly work towards it in steps of 10 or 5 minutes. That could help give you more time in the morning. Otherwise, maybe prepare breakfast in the evening so that you dont waste as much time in the norning to prepare it.
Martha X.
I struggle eatinf breakfast. I grew up eating breakfast at 10am after I studied a bit. But now I work and often skip breakfast due to the morning rush.

I fight the urhe to skip breakfast by eating muesli and yogurt or boled eggs and bananas.

Chad T.
get some of the free food at your school or workplace. it’s mostly healthy and on the go so you can start work right away or just relax while munching on some goods
Renato X.
Try prepping breakfast the night before. Boil eggs, cook sausages etc and that means there's just less to do in the morning. Even little things like putting the coffee and sugar in the mug the night before and leaving it next to the kettle I find saved some time.
Jeremy Z.
Actually may be you need to wake up ealier a bit to have more time for the latter things… I used to do the same things like you, but i tried to fix this problem and i can do it. I believe you can improve your self. Try your best 🙏
Tommy F.
I’ve been waking up early to make sure I have time to cook and eat breakfast, but, I’ve also done meal prep for days when I have to leave earlier than usual. It’s nerdy but I’ve come across Tupperware that is specific for parfaits, keeping the granola separate from the yogurt so your oats don’t get soggy! Hope that helps.
Loris C.
Getting ready is certainly alot more difficult than it seems, making sure you have enough time might be challenging for some. However, I have the secret to getting ready asap every morning. Prepare! Be prepared the day before and mornings will be a breeze. Pick out your clothes write down what your hair style will be for the day etc. Etc. and life will be so much easier! -Paige
Ricardo N.
I guess that you should prepare ahead for the breakfast: make some lazy oatmeal (like overnight) or at least get ready all the ingredients in the evening. Also, if you don’t have a tight schedule maybe it is ok to allow yourself to spend more time in the morning.
Cecilie Z.
Honestly, the NutriBullet has changed my approach to breakfast and morning protein. It blends your breakfast in the cup you’ll drink it in, and then just pop on a travel lid. Then I get the fruit and protein I need to start my day. Hope this helps!
Ion Q.
Keep a journal, I know it sounds unrelated but write the night before that you want to wake up earlier to make breakfast, work out, clean room, etc. I used to be late all the time but I started writing my goals for the morning before I went to bed and it works! Good luck !
Of Lia Z.
Having the same breakfast everyday helps a lot in saving time in deciding what to take. To avoid getting bored, make sure you change the flavour of the foods you eat (eg juices, cereals, spreads etc).
Volkhard U.
Prepare smoothie or oatmeal night before and keep in refrigerator. Blend smoothie next morning. Include fruit and veggie in smoothie. Baked oatmeal good over couple days too. Dried fruit goes into that
Bill W.
Repeat after me…
I will set my alarm to go off an hour EARLIER than usual.
I will not hit snooze.
I will get out of bed.

Basically wake up earlier than usual. You’ll get used to it

Enno G.
I used to do that to and sometimes i would have no time to prepare my go to breakfast so i would just skip it. This was a big mistake. Never skip your breakfast. What i do now is getting up half an hour earlier so i have time to eat at home.
Mariana Z.
Wake up earlier. Or evaluate what takes you the longest when you're getting ready, and try to shorten up the time it takes you to do that so that you can ise that time to have breakfast.


Pat J.
I used to have the same problems of not having enough time for breakfast. For me, waking up early has really helped and made a difference in giving me more time in the mornings for myself and leaving me refreshed and energized.
Gerhardt F.
Try to wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do and if possible prepare your breakfast the night before. If you would like to have a freshly cooked breakfast, then you can just chop up/put together all ingredients before going to bed. Checkout some meal-prep articles and YouTube videos. Try investing in a slow cooker or an egg boiler so your breakfast can be cooking while you're sleeping or getting ready.
Marius Y.
Is there anything in between the time you leave that can be shortened such as having keys by door, clothes for following day where youwill be getting ready? w
Bernice X.
The important thing about having time in the morning is waking up in the morning. For me, that means two things: having an alarm that I can't ignore and going to bed early enough. Right now I use the app Sleep as Android to help me determine my sleep and wake times. When you set your alarm, you can count how much time you need, then add a little extra time. Also, it might be helpful to have breakfast that is easy and quick to make. You can start with cold cereal and overnight oatmeal, though I personally like microwaving frozen breakfast sanwiches.
Elsa Q.
I used to eat my morning sandwich on the run too, but then my stomach got effected, also the sandwich tasted like dry sand rather than a delicious crispy breakfast. Then i decided to change.
I started prepare my breakfast when i was cooking the previous day dinner. Then i woke up a bit earlier; first it was only 15 minutes earlier, then it soon became 30 minutes, 1 hour. So Now I have enough time for not only my breakfast, but also a light morning stretching.
Hope you can find good recipes to prepare your breakfast too. And also setting alarm earlier will help!
Marlene F.
Make time. Is there something else in your morning routine you can do in the car? Or can you wake up 15 min early. Is there something in the morning you can prepare for at night. Pick out clothes meal prep or start your night Routine 15 min early. Try it, you will find the time.
Holly N.
Preparing as much of your breakfast in advance can give you a few minutes. In fact, anything you can do the night before will make the morning a breeze. Get your clothes laid out. Purse or briefcase ready to go. Dishes washed.
Nicolas A.
get up earlier and give youself time to prepare a balanced meal with protein, starch, and a fruit. if you have to get to bed earlier, then arrange that. if you can't get up any earlier, try to prepare your breakfast the night before, so that you can heat it up or make it quick with minimal preparation in the mornings. hope this helps.
Danny E.
The obvious answer is to simply get up earlier, but i find that very annoying as i need a lot of sleep. What i usually do is try to multitask and compile a few tasks at once. For example, as soon as im up, ill start the coffee machine and pop my toast so it grills while i choose what to wear,
Alfred W.
Start your day by waikg up only 15 minutes earlier than. It will give you enough time to start your morning slow and effective and will effect your whole day.
Lucy E.
Wake up earlier to allot more time for breakfast. This will also give you a bit of ‘YOU’ time. You can also have a healthy shake that’s nutritious, easy and fast to prepare and drink!
Jose J.
I tend to set up for my morning as part of my evening routine the night before. I will set out my breakfast, put my clothes on the radiator and make sure my bag is packed. I actually find it quite calming and helps me settle down ready for bed. It sets you up well for the morning and means you aren’t rushing around trying to find anything. Try making your mornings as smooth as possible by thinking about any problem you may encounter, the night before!
Edgar A.
I would take the time to figure out what your current morning routine is, and gow long it takws to do each step. Doing this on a morning off will give you a less rushed version. There may be things you can spend less time doing, or get ready the nigjt before. Worst case scenario, you may have to wake up earlier.