What are the main ingredients for a powerful energizing breakfast?

Eva A.
For me, it is a breakfast that provides both slow-release and quick-release energy. Something that will keep me full for a while but also kick-starts me into action: oatmeal with brown sugar, avocado and eggs with toast, grits with salmon, etc.

Ferenc X.
No carbo, better for us to have a breakfast with an apple or banana or oat or other things that have much nutrition. Do not forget to feel energized by protein too

Jacob Z.
A good source of protein and healthy carbs. I believe balance is key between, unrefined carbs, fat and protein.
Healthy carbs in my opinion are carbs that have not been processed at all – paleo based.
These include fruits and vegetables. Protein such as eggs are an excellent source for breakfast and also contain healthy fats.
A big glass of water and your fav coffee or tea. Coffee is on the small size and 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Marina N.
Having a breakfast high with protein will keep you fuller for longer. Eggs are great I also have weetabix if it is going to be a long day also make sure to drink water or I sometimes have a coffee green tea

Domingas Q.
Eggs because they have protein in them and you can eat them with toast and cheese and you can drink with it any kind of juice you prefer and also eat some nuts and fruits with all of that or you can just make a smoothie instead of eating nuts and fruits and drinking juice, you can also make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of the eggs if you’re craving something sweet in the morning.

Evan E.
Low sugar, high protein! Bit of slow sugar like apples & other fruits. I like to chuck almonds & walnuts into my oatmeal.

Antonio F.
Banana 🍌 Almond Milk 🥛 And Chia Seeds! Banana gives great energy n good carbs, almond milk gives good protein n Chia seeds pack great nutrition n vitamins your body needs especially first thing in the morning 💪🏻🌞

Vicki W.
Là cung cấp đủ chất dinh dưỡng từ những thức ăn có Protein cao như thịt gà, trứng, cá, các loạt hạt, chuối, bánh mì, .. bổ sung nước, sữa, nước ép trái cây tăng sức đề kháng, tốt cho não.