What does everyone usually have for there breakfast?

Sol Ne Q.
I've been doing two eggs mixed with a protein and whatever I have available or some leftovers from the night before. It works really well.

Amarilys T.
I like to vary my breakfast. For example, I like to make scrambled eggs with Turkey bacon on the side on a Monday, On a Tuesday I enjoy making French toast with Turkey bacon as well, and then other days if I'm feeling up for a quick breakfast then I would usually make myself a Protein shake or eat cereal with sliced up fruit mainly bananas.

Federica S.
two pancakes made of 2 spoons of oats flour, 1 egg and 2 spoons of spreadable cheese with 0-5% of fat, you can also use it as a topping😉

Caroline E.
My friends and I do not have breakfast. This is because I wake up late and I go straight to launch. If I do have breakfast, I eat just cookies and water. Maybe some cake with tea; it depends on the day

Wladimir S.
I think that what everyone use to eat are some eggs, because they’re easy to prepare, but in my case I usually eat an avocado sandwich, because it’s delicious and I love it, but yeah that’s what I think

Mathilde Y.
Everyone has either oats toast eggs cereals protein shakes fruits coffee . I preferably enjoy having toasted bread with egg sprinkled with cheese and mayonnaise with iced coffee

Tracey Y.
Sometimes two slices of rye bread with low fat cream cheese, scramble eggs and a tomato, another time porridge, and today I ate a spelt banana and chocolate chips muffin.
But no matter what I ate, I always start my day with a coffee

Arianna N.
They mostly have cereals for breakfast but when they are not in a mood to have it like on Saturdays and Sundays they may like to have something which they love to eat like pancakes or waffles.

Liz U.
I typically opt for microwavable oatmeal on most mornings because I'm always short on time. I pop it in before I get in the shower, then it's ready for me to eat when I'm done! I've been trying to add easy fruits, too. When I have extra money, I like the Jimmy Dean turkey breakfast things.

Ibrahim J.
I usually have leftovers from the previous day. My new goal is to set myself up for healthier meals to start the day with.

Edgar Q.
Hmm I think eggs and fruits are very versatile when it comes to breakfast. You can have many ideas with it. For instance, put fruits into your yoghurt or oatmeal. Eggs into your bread or even rice.