What breakfast do you eat? Do you have any apps to help you choose your meals?

Tristan G.
My typical morning routine includes a healthy smoothie made with unsweetened almond milk, greens, and berries/banana and sometimes a little avocado. Depending on what I’m in the mood for, I will add some nut butter, plant protein powder, maca, cacao powder, or a few dates for a natural bit of sweetness!
Arthur B.
I eat oatmeal and a banana with peanut butter. Or I eat two hard boiled eggs and some oatmeal! Those are my two go tos. I watch Whitney Simmons on YouTube she has some great ideas for every meal of the day!
C Lio F.
I rotate between
1. Siggi’s fat free yogurt, strawberries and blueberries, maybe a little granola
2. Oatmeal, peanut butter and maybe a piece of whole wheat toast
3. Occasionally: eggs or Kodiak Cakes

Chester U.
I normally eat 2 boil eggs and 2 wheat toast and a glass of water. I will download an app for healthy eating . This is a new life for me as well. I wish you the Best 😊
Maya E.
Usually steel cut oats with fruit, sometimes with eggs on the side. No apps to help with meal selection, but try to follow advice from Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live book.
Tilde C.
I have a smoothie for breakfast almost every day. I use Centr to help guide my meal choices and for an exercise program.
Edgar Z.
I eat a healthy mug cake, made of a banana, oatmeal, an egg and cinnamon. I mix all the ingrediënts together and put them in the microwave for 2 minutes.
Francis U.
I alternate between yogurt smoothies, green smoothies, soft, hard boiled or fried egg or hot cereal (cream of wheat or oatmeal) with berries.
Malgorzata A.
I choose only things I have at home – eggs, cheese, vegetable. Sometimes I have skyr (high protein, low fat milk product) or cottage cheese with nuts and fruit.
I don't need to find inspiration for my breakfast in recepies.
Rafael E.
My breakfast is quite simple but very healthy. You inspired me in making the morning menu…and I also listened attentively my body.
Oscar F.
I usually try to keep it healthy and fulfilling. A chia bowl, a smoothie, rye toast with banana, honey & cinamon. It also has to look good – I won’t eat anything if it doesn’t look appetizing.
Edit X.
Currently I don't have a possibility to cook, even though I love cooking (I'm living in the dorm currently). I'm taking protein meal replacements for breakfast, mixing them with soymilk, fruits and flaxseeds.
Alexander W.
Warm oats with soya milk. Topped off with apples, chia seeds, flax seeds and agave syrup. I read (and have read) a lot about food amd looked into recipies to find out whats healthy and yummy.
Terri Y.
I'm used to considering a fruit for breakfast but i realized it's not enough. i'm trying to incorporate some eggs (very versatile and quick to prepare) with some veggies I have on hand and some feta. This gives me a lot of energy until lunch time and helpa me keep my coffee levels down
Aaron T.
No apps. I usually concentrate on protein, whole grains, and caffeine!! Eggs, bacon or ham, Kodiak brand flapjacks (original flavor) with blueberries on the side, steel cut oatmeal with a side of apples, and coffee. Leftover salmon from the night before is also delicious and a little extravagant. I don’t eat all of these at once – it’s a list of some possibilities.

Enjoy your breakfast!!

Eliab Z.
Oatmeal porridge with cranberry sauce and almond milk. Often with something on top, like chopped walnuts, or chia seeds.
Marsha J.
I usually have oatmeal and fruit for breakfast or scrambled egg and toast. When I’m craving I have crepe with fruit and condensed milk as filling or cream cheese spread.
Marga P.
An app is a great idea! I wonder if there is one? I simply have oatmeal with a banana, some walnuts, and a smidgen of honey.
Denise Z.
I have a written plan what to eat every day for 4 weeks, which i follow repeatedly. Tomorrow i have to eat greek yogurt, another day brown bread with ham, or hemendex, or tuna with brown bread, etc
Todd O.
I used advises from Fabulous. I eat eggs and fruit with peanut butter or yoghurt with nuts. I use Lifesum as a tool for calories and nutritients intake calculator. It guides me with how much and what to eat.
Karl J Rgen F.
I eat weet bix every single morning. It's really healthy and a time saver. Can be made and eaten within 15 min. Don't use any apps for my meals.
Marga X.
I went to the grocery store and I bought apples, bananas, kale leaves, baby spinach, and a jar of crunchy peanut butter. I like to switch up my breakfast so it isn’t so boring. One day I might do peanut butter and an apple and today I decided to try baby spinach and peanut butter.
Fatih O.
I have 25 grams of homemade muesli, made of oatmeal, all kinds of nuts, raisins, quinoa and seeds from sunflower and pumpkin. A few grams of grounded cinnamon and curcuma. 125 Grams of skinny French quark and 125 grams of skinny yoghurt. I was inspired nu the app Noom.
Annette U.
I had a Lara bar. I don’t have a lot of time for breakfast in the morning. But it’s the most nutritionally complete with the best protein. And it also taste really good. If you’re always in a rush I would recommend a Lara bar or a RX bar.
Morgane Q.
I’ve been going with a granola. With almonds and good stuff like that in it. And sometimes some egg and bread. I didn’t have apps I just do with what I have.
Elias W.
Today I had scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast. Huel shakes are fantastic when you're in a rush in the mornings. I don't use any apps, but do check Pinterest for recipes.
Noemie Y.
I use yazio to calculate a healthy breakfast with the right apportionment of carbs and energy. I also prefer a salt food, so now I try salmon and avocado
Oct Vio E.
I eat 2 slices of whole wheat toast, half a grapefruit and 2 tbps of peanut, or 2 hard boiled eggs. I use my diet coach and my fitness pal they both have meal recommendations.
Jules E.
Now I’m trying to eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. When I have time, I cook my oatmeal in the morning and when I don’t, I’m making overnight oats. I like to add some peanut butter to it and fruits, especially berries.
Liam C.
I don’t use an app, but my dad is a retired chef, so I would sautee cauliflower or broccoli with tomatoes and then add an egg . Outside of that I would eat whole-wheat potato or veggie pie at school if I don’t have time to make breakfast but it works quite well for me.
Loraci E.
I am starting off slow. I am starting with quick and easy. I have a fried egg, apple, and honey on top of my apple. Inhave coffee and protein. I am building in time to do meal plans for all meals, but breakfast is first.
Loane A.
For breakfast I always make sure to have an item of fruit. My go to is a banana. From there I either add it to something like oatmeal or eat it on its own.
Darryl T.
Today I'm having a healthy choice power bowl – plenty of protein, slow burning carbs, low glycemic index. It's the perfect combo. Other days I have eggs and berries, sometimes with avocado as well.
Andrea S.
No, I don’t have any apps that choose my meals. I eat a 20 grams of protein yoghurt and a simple salad that consists of tomatoes and cucumbers, and also a cup of tea (and a cup of water). I got to this kind of breakfast by myself after experimenting with a lot of different ones, and this one is the one that makes me feel the greatest in the morning.
Freddie Y.
My go to breakfasts include smoothies, chia pudding, and porridge/oatmeal. While I don’t use apps to choose meals, I do have a lot of cookbooks, blogs, and other online sources that I use to get new ideas.
Stacy C.
I'm still trying to eat healthier in the mornings but I just ordered some protein powder that will become my breakfast. Eating things in the morning usually makes me want to snack all day and over eat. I'm hoping that a liquid breakfast will prefent this. But starting new habits, and healthy habits at that takes patience and time.
Janice O.
I ate several spoonfulls of peanut butter. It’s quick, easy and full of protein and fats. There’s no cleanup besides throwing my spoon in the dishwasher and stocking the peanut butter back in the cabinet. It helps me feel full until lunch and it prevents me from eating fast food on the go or heating up quick meals full of preservatives!
Helfried I.
I will usually have cereal and milk with some fruit, or toast/crumpets with jam or honey. I don't have an app that helps me choose but I have apps to log my food and that encourages me to switch things up and keep on top of what I'm taking in
Ivete C.
No apps. I have a canteen at work where I eat wholemeal/seeded bread toasted with something like eggs/green beans/beans/avocado. And a bowl of fruit with yogurt. At home it's much simpler – cereals and sometimes eggs.
Jakob Z.
usually includes fruit, nuts, dairy, grains, sometimes eggs. No apps, just the basics, some combo of cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, bread, milk, butter with almonds, walnuts, berries, banana, apple or eggs and toast.
Murilo W.
I usually eat a couple scrambled eggs and some toast with jam. I am using my fitness pal for logging my food as I’m trying to lose weight and want to keep track of my calories. I want to switch to vegan eating so I will have to revisit my options soon.
Friedrich J.
I have the same thing for breakfast everyday, hemp protein smoothie with oat milk and boosters such as greens powder, mushroom protein and maca. I played around with the extra ingredients until I found a balance that tastes great and makes my body happy (cinnamon is the clear winner!). Having the same breakfast everyday takes the challenge out of having to make decisions that early in the morning and makes an easy win to put me in a positive mindframe for the day. My meals are primarily chosen based on what I can afford and what I'm craving. I plan out meals for the fortnight and write up a list from there, trying to minimise waste. Many meal inspirations have come from meals I've seen or tried and want to recreate.
Darryl F.
I find it best to keep things simple when it comes to diet. Olympians and professional athletes tend to eat the same 3-4 meals repeatedly, same breakfast every day and then 3 types of meals they rotate for lunch and dinner. It may sound boring but these athletes’ skill is that they’ve trained themselves to stop looking at food as something that should be entertaining, and simply as part of an equation for reaching their goals. I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast
Christian U.
Mostly protein with limited carbs, usually eggs with one pc whole wheat toast or fruit. Sometimes a protein shake with collagen peptides mixed in. No particular app but I do pay attention to WW suggestions and sometimes use recipes from their website.
Bill F.
I am eating oatmeal almost every morning. I like that I am feeling good snd not hungry for 3-4 hours after my breakfast. Add some nuts, seads, protein powder 1 dsp. Sometimes I use samsung health app to write down everything I ate during the day. But now i am trying to feel my portions without writing, but its hard, becsuse regulary i am eating more than 1 portion 😏
Michelle W.
No apps, just read about healthy breakfast options on the internet. I usually make a banan smoothie with soya protein and flax seed / or other their viamiens. Great healthy start of the day!
Sue C.
My breakfast varies quite a bit. Generally I try to include a protein, an egg or leaner meat, a grain like high fiber cereal or bread, and a fruit, like an orange or a banana.
I like to you my Samsung app that's on my phone for tracking my nutrition and calorie intake.
Antoinette A.
I eat whole foods for breakfast. Today was a clementine and oatmeal with flax seed and honey. I try to get a good balance of healthy grains, fats, and protein. I love using MyFitnessPal to track my food.
Ben P.
I make my own muesli in a large container, starting with rolled oats, and adding a dried fruit, nuts or seeds, and flaxseeds. I cur the myself with corn flakes to make it less heavy to eat. I change the flavor each time I make a new batch by choosing a different fruit or nut and by adding spices, such as cinnamon.
No app (and no early morning thought) needed!
Sarah P.
I like quick and easy. So usually scrambled eggs and a piece of toast. Or oatmeal. Overnight oats are great for mornings where I know I'll be pressed for time. As far as apps go, I'm old school… I sit down once a week with my weekly schedule pad and write down the meals for the week. This is with the understanding that we can make something else, but it's always better to have an option that is already thought out and planned than having to scramble around to make dinner after work.
Gustav Y.
Every other day I have steel cut oatmeal with mixed berries and a sprinkle of brown sugar, one hard-boiled egg and a cup of coffee. Then every other day I have a cup of grits with salt and pepper with some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top, 3 turkey sausage links (1 serving) and a cup of coffee. And then once a week I will shake it up and have a veggie omelette. I don't use an app for breakfast. But I use Noom to help with weight loss.
Mathias W.
I haven’t tried an app to help me pick out a breakfast but that is a good idea. I eat one hard boiled egg or Greek yogurt and two morning star “sausage” patties.
Jeremiah C.
I usually have an egg sandwich or a PB&J sandwich. There are several apps that help with food prep tho. I just typed that into App Store and several ones came up.
Clarence U.
I usually eat Waffles or Pancakes paired with some type of meat. I don’t really keep up with apps that track my calories or meal planners.
Mathilde W.
I eat mostly Jamaican breakfasts callaloo (i guess spinach) boiled green bananas, Yellow Yam( Usain Bolts favorite) and braised liver – all packed with iron, protein and carbohytes – really tasty too! No apps needed, my mother raised me right 😊
Ann O.
I do three eggs scrambled with ghee, salt and pepper… on the side I do grapes , blueberries, or strawberries… and continue to snack on those through the morning… I usually crave sugar really bad in the morning.. but the morning routine kinda helps to get my head in the right place to avoid it.. I don’t use an app to choose food persay, but I track my food with MyFitnessPal. Has most things preprogrammed into it so I can track calories