What other great breakfasts do people want to share?

Klaus G Nter S.
It is great to eat yogurt oatmeals. Here is a great recipe. Take a big airtight container jar, put in two tablespoon of your yogurt (Can be vegan or Greek, or normal), put in two tablespoons of any chopped fruit that you like (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are a great combo) and one tablespoon of yogurt and then another chopped fruit make layers like this until you fill up your jar. Put it in the fridge, the next morning take it out of the fridge have a glass of orange juice or water and take your oatmeal jar and grab a spoon and your breakfast is ready.
Malou G.
Make some eggs and toast bread then put some sausage on the bread the egg tomatoes salad and cucumbers then make yourself your fav drink <3
Marisol F.
An egg sandwich. What you do is you get 1-2 eggs and crack them in a pan, but don’t scramble them. Then you gotta put some salt and red pepper flakes on them and flip them when you need to. After that, get some toasted bread and also remember to cook some ham too. Then you plop everything together and put your condiment of choice (avocado is good too).