Is eating breakfast alone bad for your health or is it okay?

T O Q.
I don’t think it’s good or bad for you it’s what ever you’re comfortable with.just as long as you’re putting nutrition in your body so you can feel energized and happy
Lorraine U.
Eating breakfast alone is fine.when you are eating alone you can focus on the food in front of you. You can have the proper food
Thomas O.
Why it s bad if you are hungry of course you eat alone but if you have family or friends you can invite them to eat together ❤️
Felisberta F.
I don't think it is bad, in own experience I think like it is relaxing and nice, but most of the times I eat breakfast with family and friends
Aneeta X.
alone? as in with no one else around or with no water or beverage? either way it is OK. I've heard having a glass of water together with meals is not optimum for health because it bloats tummy. so having just breakfast alone with no beverage would be better. as far as having no one around to have it with… oh well, we must still have it regardless of whether someone is around or not 😀