What are some great easy breakfasts for those of us with a very limited budget?

Sebastiana F.
Oats, eggs, yogurt, and seasonal fruits and vegetables can all be good options. Sometimes buying frozen berries and fruits can save you some money, and they last longer. Just compare the prices.
Jeanne Q.
When I am on a budget I would make sure to have some porridge or cereal and some milk/jogurt at home. If I'm feeling funcy I would add some fresh fruit like berries, an apple or a pear and banana.
Today however, I had some leftover semolina from yesterday lunch so I mixed it with some beetroot, gherkins, chickpeas and sausage that gave me a lovely, hearty breakfast.
Marie Z.
Beans on toast. Lots of protein and carbs to keep you satiated. You can add an egg if the budget allows.
Bananas and apples are usually cost effective to add some fruit.
Savory breakfast could also be leftovers! Or soup! I love soup for breakfast.
Edouard O.
A great option is to eat eggs. There are many ways you can eat them! Scrambled eggs, boiled, omelet, molet… And it's also a source of protein, that helps your muscles to grow stronger!
Elaine O.
Eggs: they can be made with such variety, really good bang for your buck and good source of proteins. For on the go solutions, a fruit and some nuts.
Rosie T.
1-2 Boiled eggs, slice of toast, piece of fruit and a coffee or tea. Plus lots of water.

Or quick oats oatmeal topped with nuts, berries and raisins maybe a sprinkle of brown sugar or maple syrup. Plus eat a piece of fruit with your coffee or tea.

Shelley Y.
Breakfasts don't have to have preparation, a simple and quick breakfast would be some fruit or veggies obviously they need to be affordable like apples, cucumber, kiwifruit carrots etc
Valdemar N.
That’s a good question because there is many ways to eat healthy on a budget. Such as eggs or a smoothie just with many fruits for it to make you full. Also you could eat some oatmeal it’s not that pricey and it is good.