What should i eat ??

Eugene N.
Hii stranger! This question is soo common and the answer is soo simple ! To me , eating everything won’t matter BUT, in small portions ! Which means having balanced meals . When u are craving for burgers take it one time a week , i mean make one cheat day and fulfill ur cravings !!! Plus integrate vegetables to each meal and fruits for snacks , dark chocolate ,dried fruits etc… I wish u luck !!!!!!!
Simran T.
It is said, 'We become what we eat'. I'd recommend you to have a balanced meal to have a balanced mind and body. For instance, for breakfast and you can have some protein; in breakfast eggs or fruits with peanut butter or may be nuts like almond and walnut (walnut has good fat in it, it is very good for our body) ; for lunch again pair some protein with greens ; for dinner you can eat something with good carbs as most of wake up in the middle of night – this happens because our body is running low on energy and it needs energy during sleep to perform all the functions.
Have a good meal !

PS – Eat a fruit. Avoid juices as they do not have the fibre of the fruit which helps our digestive system. If you're craving for a juice, do not go for a packaged juice, they have a lot of preservatives in them.

Kylee G.
Something healthy. More fruits, vegetables and meats, less sugars and bad carbs. Also drink lots of water each day. Your body depends on naturally produced foods along with water.
Christoffer N.
I live in Minnesota where it’s cold in the morning, so oatmeal is one of my go-to choices. Otherwise I also like a good Greek yogurt with lots of protein.
Bahareh E.
anything that is full in nutrition, anything that makes your body and mind both satisfied.anything that helps you with your goal.
protein, slow carbs, fruits, vegetables,enough water and any smart snacks. As a coach I suggest my clients to have 1 or 2 glass of wine each week, or have one meal in a cafe or restaurant.
Milan Z.
You should try to eat high protein food and avoid added sugar.
Here are good things to eat:
Ham, bacon and other processed meats
Greek yogurt
Peanuts, Almond, Pistachios, walnut, Cashew and Hazelnuts
Pumpkin, Sunflower and Sesame Seeds
Lentils, black bean and bean
high fiber breads
Apple and banana
Wanda Z.
Eat what's available. Eat what's at your disposal. Ensure the food contains a mix of vitamins, carbs, proteins and minerals. If you don't have any idea about nutrition, then eat food that has a combination of mixed colours. The various colours indicate various nutritional constituents.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have said "Never est until you're full. Eat in such a way that your stomach is 1/3rd filled with food, another 1/3rd filled with water and the final 1/3rd filled with air (empty).

This is best for digestion, assimilation of nutrients and overall general health.