Do you prep your breakfast the night before?

Ray Z.
I've had the most success with hand making a big batch of granola. I don't like a big breakfast, so I'll eat a couple of handfuls, add on top of yogurt, or eat as cereal. I have limited cooking space currently. Once I have the stove top installed, o want to expand to cooking omelettes or quiches.
Karise Q.
Yes,. I work at several different locations so my commute time varies, so I never know whether I will have time to eat before leaving. I try to do my breakfast prep after dinner as I'm cleaning up the kitchen. I prep my morning coffee then too. 😁
Aniceto Z.
My breakfast requires very little in the way of preparation (two handfuls of mixed raw nuts, a slice of rye toast and an apple) which helps 'reduce friction' in terms of making sure I eat it.
Ma Lia B.
Yes, I premix my smoothie ingredients in plastic bags and freeze them. I thaw the next morning and blend. I also may boil eggs, slice and contain them.
April O.
At the moment I am not, just barley got into a habit of making breakfast in the morning again. For saving time though, might have to entertain doing that. Actually working on a breakfast casserole right now to get some help with time.
Bertram Z.
No but I filled my shelves with easy and natural breakfasts like nuts, fruit, granola bars, almond yogurt and and milk for cereals
Shaina P.
It depends. 2-3 times a week I make overnight oats with a variety of different berries and nuts, so I prepare that the night before. Otherwise I’ll have eggs and make them the morning of.
Laura T.
Not really. I have muesli with plant-based yogurt, apples / bananas and dates + orange juice and vitamins. Pretty quick to make in the morning 🙂
Nicky U.
Yes, it is overnight oats, then add the toppings in the morning. Also helps to have less to do in an already rushed morning
Roland Y.
No I dont, I just have convenient and portable options all ready to go wherever I am! Bananas, nuts, single serve Greek yogurts and protein shakes and granola bars are my favorites.