What is your go to breakfast meal

Lillie T.
I love a simple, warm breakfast.
Scrambled eggs on healthy toast, with a schmear of mayo. Red pepper flakes on top. If I can find avocados, then I use those instead of eggs and olive oil in place of mayo. This never gets boring for me.

Freebird P.
Oatmeal w/ raisins, bananas, protein powder, cinnamon, chia seeds, a splash of maple syrup, and "vanilla flax seed milk"

Metka E.
Oat meal with fruit. I also like to eat greek yougurt in a morning, if I have enough time majby with a piece of brown bread and avocado.

Merigley P.
2 egg omelette with with baby spinach and goat cheese. I cook it in a nonstick pan so I get by with minimal olive oil spray. Spinach first, pour eggs on top, crumble on some goat cheese, fold, eat. 😋

Kevin O.
I don’t have a huge appetite in the mornings, so I usually have some Greek yoghurt with honey and fruit. If I'm feeling unusually hungry, I'll have a boiled egg on granary toast and a piece of fruit on the side

Luciara N.
I would like to get the energy for the next couple of hours of the day..Energy rich, protein rich food. Yogurt, egg etc.

Eleni F.
Cereals with fruits and plant milk. Every day I change the fruits. I also add protein powder to the mix. Sometimes I slurge and add cocoa powder 🙂

Zehra F.
These days it's Kodiak Cakes brand frozen protein waffles and Morningstar imitation sausage patties (actually taste pretty good for being vegetarian, I look forward to them every day now). Not as much fiber as I'd like but plenty of protein and carbs with the right amount of fat.

Rose Marie A.
For this week, I basically mixed it up since this is my first time trying the app. I did toast (homemade 🍞) and eggs with green tea while I was prepping and a little vege Juice, on day 2 it was flatbread (homemade) with Pak choi , a boiled egg and pineapple juice and green tea while preparing. Day 3 was oatmeal with a boiled egg. I prefer homemade because you know what is in your food and you can make it as healthy as you like. I'm yet to do homemade juices.

Evelin J.
Eggs ,tomatoes…. depends on what you like eating and what you have but it is necessary to change your breakfast everyday so you do not get bored and give up

Carlotta T.
I'm Italian, usually I ate tea and cookies in the morning, or pudding. When I'm making an healty breakfast, I ate 1 egg, a cup of tea and porridge with cinnamon, 1 (or half) fruit and nuts.

Hetvi Z.
An omelet is my favorite go to breakfast 🍳 because it’s very is to cook and doesn’t require that much time. I add some basil and guacamole seasoning.

Shelly E.
Over night oats. I make a individual servings for the week so they’re easy to grab and add fresh fruit to on the way out the door. Weekends are reserved for eggs and bacon (1-2 slices baked).