How do you incorporate more veggies into your morning?

Catherine F.
The morning for me is a rush affair because have to catch a train. No veggies for me, but I do prioritise fruit because it takes less time to make consumable. I make up for it by have more veg in the daytime.
Same F.
I add salad to my meals, or just make a salad dish. I sometimes eat cucumbers for more hydration, too. Adding veggies to my normal dishes has been my best bet, though.
Herwig Z.
It of course depends on what you like/prefer. In my case I enjoy vegetables, not everything, but a lot of it. It’s easy for me to do so, but I prefer fruits over veggies especially in the morning. It just tastes sweeter and better and still like I’m eating healthy, veggies feel more like something I need or should have rather than something I want to have πŸ™‚
Mark F.
Make veggies easily accessible. For example have a fruit/veggie basket. Make easy but tasty recipes that take small amount of time so you won't have to worry about your time running out.
Florence Z.
I tend to eat more fruits than vegetables in the morning, but when I do eat vegetables they're usually in the form of a salad alongside something savory like eggs.
Lorenzo Q.
By eating cucumber and tomato salad with boiled or scrambled eggs, or adding the pickles in sandwich. You can eat fruits instead of veggies, or avocado. It goes well with both salty and sweet food. Bon appetit!