What are some of your favorite quick and easy breakfast recipes?

Toni X.
So far, my only quick recipe for breakfast is a bowl of healthy cereal and a banana.

I'm pretty basic when it comes to breakfast (and egg sammie on wheat bread always does the trick for me). However, if I don't have eggs or not in the mood to cook, I try to incorporate healthy (as healthy as possible) cereal w/ a banana. I prefer my cereal w/ oat milk as well. It has a good balance of "enough" for me to get me through to lunch time. Plus, I'm not a muffin/bready food guy, nor am I a huge fan of protein bars or shakes (told you I was basic LOL). So this is a good halfway point for me that I'll actually eat.

Though, on my mornings where I have time to cook, eggs (1 or 2 eggs + 2 egg whites) and home fries (regular or sweet potato for a complex carb) is my go-to!

Ariadna Z.
Overnight oats: this breakfast is 10/10 the night before you put milk and oats in a pot and heat it in the stove and it will be make like a paste, I put cinnamon on it, the you put in in a taper and put this in the fridge, the next morning you can put your favorite toppings, my favs are watermelon and cashew nuts and it’s so yummy
Sohan O.
Sweet yogurt, fruit salad, fruit juice (early morning recipes).
Oats, sandwiches, boiled eggs and milkshakes (breakfast recipes).
Amanda T.
I enjoy eggs. One of my favorite more meals is scrambling some eggs with onion peppers tomatoes and cheese. I like to cook with avocado oil and fry up the onions and peppers then add the eggs and cheese. I add the tomatoes last. Then I put it on a small tortilla wrap and enjoy.
L Rke P.
I love anything that has any form of egg! I love eating Nutella and bread, some cereals, some oatmeal, chia seed, overnight oats, etc. I love also certain Indian breakfast like masala dosa, etc. I love bacon and sausage!!