I know the daily egg-based breakfast idea seemed simple enough, but did anyone else struggle with it too?

Anastasia Z.
I didn’t struggle because it was important to have something different everyday to not get bored by them. So cook them different everyday, serve them differently, etc.
Brandy C.
I have been steering towards plant based meals – so no eggs for me. I've been eating fruit and vegetable based breakfasts with the occasional protein bar.
Nene N.
there’s lots of things you can do with eggs!! but sometimes it just gets boring and the repetition feels draining, just the same old same old. eggs are super healthy for breakfast but you can also make pancakes sometimes, or just peanut butter toast. give yourself some excitement to look forward to
Alma E.
I did not struggle with breakfast….this time! I have gone through trial and error many times on my own to build this habit. Whether it was smoothies, yogurt cups, or protein bars, I could never make it stick. I wasn't determined to make it stick. This go around and with Fabulous being persistent it allowed me to keep with it. I also added something I always wanted to do but never made the time for, and that's just creating a little daily to-do list. It gives me little goals throughout the day and it feels so satisfying crossing them off the list!