I don’t like eggs or oatmeal, are there any other high protein breaky foods?

Don O.
Try things like protein bars or smoothies. You could also prepare something with high protein vegetables the night before if you don't have enough time in the morning.
Karin Y.
I don't like either of those either, so I sometimes eat granola and yogurt or toast with healthy toppings. Breakfast sausage isn't my favorite, but you could try it out! I've been experminting witj different foods, so you should join me! 🙂
Melissa N.
I hate eggs and most oatmeals. I make a breakfast hash with sweet potato Brussels sprouts and onion and garlic but you could put anything in the hash really. I then will eat a healthy sausage patty or I will make my own ground turkey sausage. The ground turkey could really be anything. I make taco meat to eat for breakfast with the hash. This week I experimented with making a healthy turkey chorizo for breakfast. Hope this helps!
Corentin E.
You could have a bagel with smoke salmon or a scramble with beans, tofu or sausage. Or just eat another kind of protein that you would normally eat at a different time during the day. It doesn't have to be a specified breakfast food.
Ellen X.
Hi! I sometimes have nuts for fruits and whole grain toast with avacado. They replace eggs and oats for me amd it's makes me full and feel great. Hope that helps! 🙂
Sarah P.
I enjoy eating bacon. One slice had about 3 grams of protein. I also love cereals with lots of protein. I recommend multi grain cheerios.
Vanessa E.
On the days where I am sick of the same old eggs and oatmeal I opt for good old Nuts. Walnuts and almonds sprinkled on GREEK yogurt or Nutella bread is a good option. It’s a nice change. If you don’t like Greek yogurt because it is a little tangy I recommend mixing honey in it along with your favorite fresh berries. It is a quick and easy way to make something fast. Not to mention.. “the aesthetics” :p You can also eat sliced ham or turkey in the morning on the side of an apple or with some cheese.
Alexandra T.
This may sound weird, but if you don’t have an allergy to peanuts you should try it! Soak raw peanuts in water overnight, then rinse them and eat a handful in the morning. The water gets rid of the protective coating on the nuts so their nutrients are more available when you eat them. You can also do the same thing with any other raw nut. Great protein source after soaking!