When schedules get busy, how do you make time to put together a good breakfast?

Elio O.
I buy fruit bowls from my grocery store. When in a time crunch, I'll throw some fruit on a plate with a spoon full of penut butter. when I do have time to make a big breakfast, I make sure there's leftovers so I can always grab a sausage or a Biscuit to go with my quick meal.
Seif N.
I use simple ingredients that don't require preparation like banana, blueberry, yogurt, nuts. Some days I will feel less motivated, no appetite and lazy, the key is to stay consistent no matter your circumstances. Motivation comes and goes, it's normal. Your character and your mindset are your constants.
Janu Rio F.
1.Buy Breads and eggs, also some fruits. It takes only 10mins to prepare breakfast.
2.Try oatmeal and fruits.
3.Oat bars can be made with various kinds of oats, almonds which is energetic.