I need grain free, dairy free, sugar free and egg free breakfast options (no coconut either).

Chiara W.
What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast meals? Mine is maple brown sugar oatmeal with a boiled egg and avocado toast with baby carrots!
Mary U.
I have some dietary restrictions too. I like avocado toast (gluten free bread and check for eggs/dairy. Some are vegan) with sea salt, crushed red pepper, and maybe pepitas on top. I also like chicken breakfast sausage though you would have to double check sugar content.
Rebekah O.
A good smoothie, juice up some apple, carrot, cucumber, spinach red pepper,pinapple bit of lemon and ginger root and then blend it up with half and avocado with going berries. In a hurry, grab a banana and some plain almonds
Daryl A.
Define sugar… is fructose also unacceptable? Do you want something protein-based which is not an egg? And when you say egg.. do you mean food that contains no amino-acids or just an egg? And what do you mean by grain free? All grains are different in sostav.
Tag G.
You’re going to have to look to other cultures for options like this – probably Asian cultural breakfast. Tends to be miso soup in Japan or Korea, I think. Maybe add some lentils or bean paste and green tea with it.
Julia O.
Sounds like my diet actually! Finding nice breakfasts can be hard in this situation, but I have a few suggestions at least: soy-yoghurt with berries and peanutbutter, chiapuddings made with almond milk and topped with nuts, seeds and berries, smoothies made of different vegetables, roots and berries or vegan eggcups/omelettes (they are usually made with chickpea flour and there are lots of fun recipes online. You might need to replace some ingredient but it is possible to make ot work). Just going for a sliced apple with peanut butter is a really nice breakfast option too. I hope this helps!
Kayla F.
I swear by my faux pear and apple "oatmeal". Dice an apple and a ripe pear. Cook in a skillet greased with the flavorless oil of your choice, until semi soft. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Then, use a food processor or a knife to chop two servings of almonds. Mix all together and eat warm! The almonds give texture and protien, the fruits make it sweeter. And no eggs! (yuck)
Villads Z.
A protein shake is my go to. Get a good vegan protein powder(they are easy to find at any grocery store) and a blender bottle. You can use water, milk alternative, or coconut water and mix with powder. In a rush, you can even use protein powder as creamer for coffee! Quick, easy breakfast
Morris O.
Just Egg is liquid vegan egg that cooks up just like scrambled eggs. Same texture! Add seasonings and veggies and voila! Egg free eggs