What’s the best fast food place to satisfy a good breakfast? For those days when it’s your only option?

Hanife F.
Great question I am not much help here as I visit fast food venues very rarely. When I do, it’s for a drive through coffee or lunch.

Evelyn R.
Skip the fast food. At the beginning of the week, make overnight oats in individual mason jars. In the morning, grab and go from your own fridge. A healthy way to start the day and budget friendly too.

Pearl J.
I will still suggest you to buy some apples or nuts for a quick breakfast,I never got to eat breakfast in a fast food place or outside my home,but if you're really going for it choose some light options like black coffee and tomato sandwich or green tea with lettuce and mayo sandwich try not to take sugar in the morning it'll only result in a crash leaving you more exhausted than feeling full try to resist the temptation of eating your favorite donuts 😹 especially if you have work hours after breakfast have boil or poached eggs instead I'll suggest you to have some carbs or protein if you can ,Good Luck on your Journey ❤

Lylou S.
There really isn't one but if i had to choose it would be McDonalds. I like the egg white delight mcmuffin. You get the healthy egg, a piece of Canadian ham, a little cheese and the English muffin. I usually take one of the halves off so less bread/carbs to eat. Hope that works for ya. Keeps me satisfied and doesn't make me feel like I am missing out. Peace!

Britni Y.
Try Starbucks! They have oatmeal, yogurt parfait, or my personal favorite- the egg and cheese protein box.

“Two cage-free hard-boiled eggs, sliced tart apples, grapes, Everything Seasoning and white Cheddar cheese get together with multigrain muesli bread and honey peanut butter spread in this protein-packed lover's dream.”

While you’re there, have a tall flat white to perk you up! Just stick with the classic though- the different flavored ones have a lot of sugar. Enjoy!

Elisete C.
I would order an oat meal, try to add nuts and fruit. There are several that offer that and it's very quick for them to fix. I personally would order mine at starbucks because you can order it on the app and by the time to drive there, its waiting for you.

Christian Q.
Coffee shops usually have granola and yogurt with fruits. So i think that’s the healthiest option when you don’t have the time.

Jessica Z.
That is a great question. I think this is pertained to what area you live in, and what restaurants you have near you. Alot of items on fast food menus dont satisfy the fabulous recommendations. So it makes it hard to say. Personally I would try to grab a smoothie if they have one available (like mcdonalds). If not then I would grab something with a low calorie intake to lesson the blow of eating a bad breakfast

Alberte C.
I would say it's McDonald's. It may not be the best to satisfy one's cravings but it's my go-to place whenever I feel like grabbing a quick bite and slurp an iced coffee in the morning. Also, it's the only fast food restaurant near my workplace. So I can just drop by whenever I want to.

Bernhardine F.
Starbucks, even if they don’t technically count as fast food, they’re everywhere and they’re quick, and you can get something healthy like oatmeal or salad.

Steven X.
If you only have a few mins to grab breakfast, and think fast food is only answer pop into your local supermarket, check the fruit section, grab something seasonal then check if they have a prepped meals section and grab a healthy looking sandwich or salad. Hope you find something great 🙂

Megan C.
I would say some place that offers smoothies. Granted, it might be packed with sugar, but if you're really on the go, it's not only convenient to get, but convenient to take with you and consume. I think Starbucks also offers some protien blended coffee drinks that would check the same boxes. Alternatively, see if there's any prep you can do so that fast food is never your only option. Having some meal replacement drinks or bars on hand could be even more convenient and save some money.

Charlene T.
It's never the only option. Pack wholesome choices to bring with you. Run to grocery, instead of fast food. If you must go to fast food, consider just getting a large unsweetened tea, or water–and continue to look for a better option.

Federico Z.
I'm basing my answer on the country where I lived: France (Fr) and Italy (It). Basically, I would suggest you to avoid big labels and prefer small things like bars (It) or boulangeries (Fr). In both of them you can have a good espresso (but the Italian one is better), some sweet things like a pain au chocolat in France, orange juice and in certain cases also fresh fruit. However, these places does not always have the take option if you are in a such an hurry where you need to have breakfast literally on the train. In Italy some bars have this possibility, but I strongly suggest you to go on exploration the day before. In France I think that this option is used more often.
The second possibility for fast food breakfasts are bars and boulangeries belonging to a label. In Italy there is Autogrill for example, while in France you may find many boulangeries such as Paul, brioche dorée, etc. In this case you will have the whole breakfast I described above and, for sure, the take away option. However, the quality may be lower compared to small bars or boulangeries.
I hope it helped!

Anna N.
The supermarket or a convenience store where you could buy fruits, coffee and maybe some Greek yogurt. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, so if you cannot nurture your body, better fast 🙂

Caleb J.
A fruit and vegetables market. In Brazil, we call "Hortifruti". These places usually have a coffee space, where is possible to order and eat there. They usually offer some options available on the store, such as fruits and healthier products. Hope you find one on your way! Good luck!

Anjelica A.
Panera bread, Einstein bagels, any place where you can order some fruit. Or an egg on a muffin/bagel and only eat half of the muffin or bagel. Or some eggs and fruit. Try to stay away from the sugary donuts and bacon.

Sana N.
I never had this option but when we are in hurry, cant eat breakfast at home. So coffee , fruits, egg and cheese sandwich, protein bars, lots of option I can pick one.

Albert C.
I actually don't know.. I mean for breakfast I would rather skip it than making the effort o preparing it or going to a restaurant to specially eat it. For lunch or dinner it still makes sense. But not for breakfast

Wilma T.
I think the best place would probably be Pita Pit or Subway. The food isn't fatty or greasy and it fills you up and gives you energy for the day.

Gina Q.
Dunkin’ donuts can be a good place to get a fast breakfast and try to take your time and really search the menu so you can find the best option for you and so you can find something heathy because I know that their food isn’t always the healthiest.

Luise U.
I live in a small city, so the only one I have is Mc Donald's. Drinks are really good, the problem are sweets. You need to go slow with them!!

Ioanna N.
Usually I have my breakfast at home, I don’t like to start my day without breakfast but If I am out I prefer to go At a cafe like Starbucks and eat a cake and drink a coffee. After I can go to eat a good healthy brunch which will keep me until my lunch time

Jonas W.
The best place for me is Soho coffee or other cafe chains as the often have yogurt with granola which is lighter and makes me feel a lot less bloated

Analyce C.
I like anywhere I can get just eggs, like whataburger (it’s a TX thing). I also like Starbucks if I want something simple like a bagel.