At what time is it best to eat breakfast? I want to gain muscle in my glutes and legs, what do I eat?

Anastasia I.
Good question! I would say that what you eat is more important than when. Eat when it is easier for you to stick to balanced whole non-processed foods. And make sure that your diet makes you happy.
If you want to gain muscle, you need to do weight training or at least use resistance bands and increase efforts with the time. You need to make sure that you eat enough, but not overeat, try to keep your calorie intake about maintenance level (cal in = cal out). Of course, if you want the results faster, you might need to follow some more specific meal plan with protein, fat and carb targets defined, but I find that if is more important that your diet makes you feel good and is easy to follow. And of course, try to sleep enough!
Diana X.
Breakfast gets its name because it breaks a fast. So technically you can eat it whenever after an overnight fast. However, it is best to try and eat first thing in the morning. Maybe 30-40 minutes after waking up. A diet typically can't help build muscle in only one area, like your glutes and legs. You will need to target these areas with exercise to promote more growth. However, a diet still is key. Aim for lots of proteins and fair amounts of carbs and healthy fats. A slight calorie surplus is also key if you want to allow your body to grow.
D Z.
30 minutes before working out, there's not really a correct time I think the type and quality of food is more important. In general to build muscle you should be eating 1g of protein per pound of body weight a day.
Brianna R.
Half an hour after should eat breakfast and try to have more protein and that it will be enough for at least half a day ..
Guy U.
For me, the best time for breakfast is between 7 to 9. But it's about what time you get up in the morning. Also, to gain muscle in glutes and legs you have to exercise and eat rich protein foods, like eggs, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, brown rice, salmon, avocado, beans and lentils.
Rigo X.
Actually, there is no spececific time, It depends on you and your biologic clock, when it comes to me, I prefere to have the breakfast between
7- 10 a.m,
Regarding gaining gluteal muscles, I recommed you doing " Squats " excercises there are many videos on youtube that may help you.. or simply you can go to the GYM.
Winnie Y.
Obviously the best time to eat is directly after you wake up and freshen up since it means you will feel charged up for the day and prevent yourself from burning out in the rest of the day. And gaining specific muscles have no correlations to when you eat breakfast. If you want to gain specific muscles, you need specific exercises.
Emily W.
i usually eat more or less right when i get up…. if you’re working out a lot and wanting to build muscle mass you need enough lean protein to do so. i like eggs, chicken, fish, labneh, buckwheat and buckwheat noodles (soba)