I always have too little time in the morning, and I always cut breakfast short. How do I motivate myself to be faster so I can sit and eat instead of eating in the car while driving to work?

Kim O.
Throughout my years on life, something I've learned is to not depend on motivation and on persistence. Try to build a habit. Start small by maybe just sitting for a few seconds in the dining table and maybe eat in the car in the very beginning. Slowly start to increase your number of seconds on the table by just taking a bite of your food. From taking just one bite, increase it to two bites and so on. Start small. Like mentioned earlier, sit in the table for a few seconds tomorrow. You don't necessarily have to eat at your table, just sit down. That's a great way to start.
Hope it was a little helpful!
Best of luck and thank you for coming this far.
Jojo U.
Preparation is key. Plan your meals from the night or the day before. Pick a time when is best to eat and stick to the same time day to day. Your brain will eventually get used to it. Nourishing your body is self-care. If you don't do it, no one will.
Paul O.
I suggest you sleep earlier and wake up earlier if that doesn't work I suggest an alarm of your choice or my personal favourite Michael Jackson's HEE HEE so there now you have time to eat I hope this works byeee🤍