What are easy proteins to eat in the morning? I only know a few, and would like to expand my palette.

Charu X.
Boiled Egg is the easiest option for protein in the morning. Another great way to eat egg is scrambled egg with sauted tomato.
Trude O.
I am honestly pretty simple when it comes to protein in the mornings. Eggs, nuts, kale, and spinach are mostly the kind of protiens I eat in the mornings. 🙂
Damien T.
Nuts/seeds! I love mixing them up in countless ways. I make my own almond milk so the "mush" left over goes straight into my morning yogurt or shake. After that of course you have protein powder. Eggs are another really good protein, along with just straight up meat. Beef jerky and sunflower seeds are to die for!
Rachel F.
I have a hard time eating in the morning so I often start with a handful of mixed nuts. Tofu is really good if you’re a vegetarian! I love making Tofu Scramble on days when I feel hungrier after I wake up.
Umbelina G.
I use stick to eggs or any type of meat (bacon or ham). But if I have to leave early I get a protein bar or shake. Healthy things to snack on like nuts. Beef jerky was my go to whenever I had a busy day
Allie P.
The following options can be prepared ahead and are quick to eat in the morning: chia seed pudding, overnight oats, buckwheat groats, hard boiled eggs, bean soup or salad.
Quick low-prep protein options for the morning are: Hummus and veggies, nuts or nut butters, Seeds or seed butters, protein powder smoothies, and Greek yogurt.
Alex C.
My favorite is scrambled eggs, but that’s pretty common. String cheese is easy to grab and a good source of protein. If you enjoy chocolate I can also recommend the slim fast energy shakes.
Paul C.
Plenty of sources of proteins to consume for breakfast. You can go with an egg onelette with multigrain bread, oats with milk, fresh smoothie made from banana and soaked peanuts and milk, pancakes, fruit and yogourt, brown rice/couscous with avocado.
Marie J.
Eggs, nuts, yogurt, cheese, tofu. An easy egg breakfast is scrambled egg with a sautéed warm kale salad with crispy tofu. Warm kale salad is great in the morning because it really only takes as long as the eggs to cook.
Gustav C.
Well i love to make omlettes, sausage, (with maple syrup if i want something a little sweet) eggs, wheat toast with peanut butter, and yogurt with fruit and granola.
Joseph Z.
Eat some chicken or fish! Nuts are always great…or a veggie smoothie with some fruit and flax seeds! Investing in a smoothie blender is what helped me eat more protein. Whey protein powders disagree with my tummy, so I usually stick with veggie based proteins like pea powder! Remember not to eat too much protein at once because our bodies can benefit from so much in one sitting. Eating healthy amounts of protein each day is important, just make sure you parcel them out consistently.
Fernando S.
I usually try to pick things that are easy to prepare and don't take a lot of time. My three main go to are peanut butter toast with slice banana, protein smoothie, omelette with veggies. I premake smoothe jars and cut up veggies jars for omellettes on the weekends so during the week it takes less time make them.
Alison P.
I have no idea. Been struggling with this myself. I’m a cereal sort of person so trying to add peanut butter or eggs or protein bars. Would love ideas.
Alysha P.
Eggs are easy to boil beforehand then eat whenever during the week for quick protein. If you have more time, you can scramble eggs or make them however you like. If you're a fan of fish, smoke salmon or lox could be an easy breakfast since you just have to pull out from fridge. Serve with tomatoes, capers, onions and avocado with everything bagel seasoning. If you don't mind the carbs, everything bagel with cream cheese and lox is also delicious. One way to enjoy bagels in a healthier way too is slicing them thin and broiling them (watch as this goes fast) so you can enjoy thin bagel crisps (less carbs per meal).
Jess Y.
If you have time to cook, eggs and chicken sausage. If just a little bit of time, toast and peanut butter. If no time tea with a good helping of milk and a handful of nuts.
Selma Y.
Eggs, protein powder (which you can drink in a shake), cottage cheese, protein bar, a couple slices of bacon/sausage/vegetarian breakfast patty (these can all be microwaved if you are pressed for time). Good luck!
Giada P.
Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids that we need to get from our food.
Almonds are a healthy snack that contains protein, antioxidants..
Green smoothie shake with protein is another excellent choice
Dale P.
I like oatmeal with a bit of protein powder and some mixed nuts. If you need something light, some tuna on a salad is nice. I also enjoy a bagle with cream cheese and lunch meat.
Toni Y.
I eat an egg almost every morning. I invest in high protein bread about 5grams. If I'm not feeling eggs I'll makes a banana pb sandwich, or breakfast tacos with black beans, with an occasional slice of bacon when I have it in the house
Lillian X.
I like to eat eggs because they provide a lot of great nutrients for my body. I occasionally have peanut butter toast with milk. I don’t really know if fruit has a lot of protein, but I do eat a lot of fruit in the mornings as well.
Gonk T.
Tofu and nuts. Protein bar. Milk. Soy milk. Almond milk. Egg. Fried egg. Toasted egg. Boiled egg. Ketchup egg. Egg with milk. Cereal? Swiss cheese. Dairy cheese. Cow cheese. Milk cheese. Anything with meat. Spinach 😉
Heidi N.
I eat Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt. It contains 15g of protein. I add wheat germ mixed in which has 4g of protein. If you add a hard boiled egg on the side you are set for the morning.
Cassiana E.
Kefir with fruits or berries – it's easier than yogurt because you can drink it, and typically healthier because it's easier to find unsweetened and more natural ones.
Sally J.
I to know some of them but i have some knowledge about it :
Cottage cheese toast
Smoked salmon bagels
Turkey sausage and egg sandwich
That is all i know
Hope you like it
Olivia C.
We like to have eggs every day! There are so many great ways to prepare them. Also nut butters are a huge hit here! This morning I had cottage cheese 😃